Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise Casting: 10 Alumni Who Would Shake Things Up

If you’re looking to know everything about ;ABC’s new show, Bachelor in Paradise, look no further.

Oh, sorry, did that make it sound like we knew a whole lot about what’s happening? Apologies, cuz we’re kind of in the dark about the sunshine-lit summer show coming to ABC in August. Besides a few details we’ve learned through recon (which we’ll give you shortly), we’re mostly just in the summer dreaming phase of things.

And since we’re practicing our August drinking games already, we’ve come up with plenty of scenarios for how this thing will work. Reality Steve already mentioned that the format is still undecided, but the goal is way different. Rather than competing for cash, contestants will be competing for love which is way less awesome.

But because that sounds like it could be a ;total disaster (and not the good kind), we decided it might be best if ABC casts these 10 memorable stars, to make sure this is more Real World than Gilligan’s Island. Click through and judge for yourself. ;

Which past wave-making cast members would you love to show their faces (and hot bods) on Bachelor in Paradise? Weigh in below and be sure to rank these 20 hotties while you’re at it... ;