“I’m Addicted to My Boyfriend’s Penis” & More Quotes from Jersey Shore Season 4, Episode 6

Jersey Shore

“I’m Addicted to My Boyfriend’s Penis” & More Quotes from Jersey Shore Season 4, Episode 6

The world was introduced to Pauly's uber-guido alter-ego, Joey D! Snooki and Deena engaged in some meatball on meatball violence! Jersey Shore Season 4, Episode 6 was chock full of oratory gems — so put on a clean T-shirt, slap on some fake tan, and check out our personal faves.

10. Snooki: "Me, I'm the total opposite. I don't give a f**k what you think about me. I peed my pants in public, I'm still not embarrassed."
Do you mind if we're embarrassed for you, then?

9. Ron: "Don't change yourself for someone else. Take it from me."
Ron, it's adorable that you think anyone would take relationship advice from you.

8. Mike: "I feel helpless. I can't eat, I can't GTL."
At least you haven't lost your whining capabilities.

7. Jenni: "I feel like, how can you get sympathy on a self-inflicted injury?"
Answer: you can't!

6. Snooki, on her free-for-all club fight: "I'm pulling this girl's hair, and some girl's pulling my hair — and then I realize: it's my meatball, Deena!"
Guidette Rule #39: it doesn't matter who you're punching, so long as you're punching someone.

5. Deena, after finding out Elis got a hickey from his sister: "I'm from America, and that's weird, you know?"
Maybe she missed the page in her Let's Go: Europe guidebook that explains incest is grossville EVERYWHERE.

4. Snooki: "In my church they'd be like, 'Oh, nice outfit!'"
The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Guidettes

3. Pauly, as his ultimate-Guido persona, Joey D: "Yo', I look like them guidos on TV that are trying too hard."
You took the words right out of our mouths.

2. Snooki: "You don't have to do a f**king intervention. I'm not addicted to heroin. I'm just addicted to my boyfriend's penis, that's all."
Next up on TLC's My Strange Addiction...

1. Snooki: "God likes my t**s. God made my t**s." — Quickly followed by, Jenni: "God didn't make mine."
This might be our fave Jersey Shore exchange in the history of ever.