10 Biggest WTF Moments From Teen Mom 2 Season 2, Episodes 6 & 7
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10 Biggest WTF Moments From Teen Mom 2 Season 2, Episodes 6 & 7

Do you end every episode of Teen Mom 2 shaking your head in shock at the combination of drama and WTF-ery that just unfolded? We’re right there with you, sista-friend.

This week, we were treated to an extra special double episode of Teen Mom 2, which pretty much left us in a WTF coma. All we can say is, a leopard print sheet and a zebra print pillow is one too many animal prints.

Check out the 10 biggest WTF bombs from episode 6 & 7!

1. Is Leah the worst secret-keeper ever?

Not to rain on Leah’s parade, but did anyone else notice that she snuck that poor innocent kitten into her house only to immediately show her entire family? What was the point, girl?

2. Move over Uggs, there’s a new fashion crime in town!

You guys, Leah owns a leopard-print fanny pack. That is all.

3. Exclamation points are the new period!

Keefah must be way more fun-loving that he’d have us believe, because he sent the following text to Jenelle: “Hi baby! Just got bailed out of jail by my cousin! Let’s meet up! I miss you!”

4. Breaking: Planet Fun ... not actually that fun.

As we all know, the only place to hang out in North Carolina is Planet Fun. But when Jenelle and Kieffer met up, they were literally the only people in the building, rendering Planet Fun Planet Deserted.

5. Blondes officially don't have more fun.

Chelsea’s platinum hair is so not hot, that it’s circled back and become hot again. Yep, it’s that amazing.

10 Biggest WTF Moments From Teen Mom 2 Season 2, Episodes 6 & 7
Credit: MTV    

6. Is Kieffer a secret fudge addict?

So, Jenelle picked up Kieffer for court and he was sitting in front of a fudge-factory called “Bubba’s.” So many questions.

7. Does Kieffer change his clothes?

Hey Delp, if you thought we would fail to notice that you wore the exact same outfit two episodes in a row, you’re wrong.

8. Everyone LOVES PINK!

Jenelle spent much of episode 7 in a “LOVE PINK” hoodie, and then her friend came over wearing the exact same hoodie, and no one even said anything. Look at what you’re doing to the world, Victoria’s Secret.

9. Everyone still LOVES PINK!

OMG, the virus is spreading! In a completely different state, Chelsea fell victim to a LOVE PINK sweatshirt.

10. Kieffer Breaks Up With Jenelle ...

While wearing a “Betty White Is My Home Girl” T-shirt.

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