True Blood

True Blood’s Eric Northman and 10 Other Completely Unexpected TV Deaths

On the True Blood Season 6 finale (Episode 10: "Radioactive"), fan's jaws dropped to the floor when Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) showed up just long enough to start burning to death on a mountain top when his special faerie blood suddenly lost its super-sunscreen power.

While it looks like Eric will escape this brutal end, if this had been the way he went out, it would be one of the most bizarre, out of left field deaths we'd ever seen, and it got us thinking about some of the completely unexpected TV deaths — we're talking ones that stuck — we've seen over the years. These goodbyes weren't just painful or shocking; we honestly didn't see them coming. At all. Random acts of writerly cruelty, if you would.

Click through this gallery for the Top 10 deaths that still leave us saying "WTF? Where did THAT come from?" years later.

WARNING: This gallery is full of spoilers. Duh.