10 Forgotten Child Stars — Where Are They Now? (VIDEO)

Fame doesn't usually last forever — but it's especially tough on former child stars! Whether by choice or not, these pint-size celebs dropped off the Hollywood radar.

What are they up to now? Watch the video above, courtesy of WatchMojo, for all the details!

10. Peter Ostrom — Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, 1971. Recruited in a nationwide search and signed a contract for three films, but that didn't pan out. See what he looks like now in the video!

9. Mara Wilson — Matilda, Mrs. Doubtfire, Miracle on 34th Street. The adorable star left showbiz by choice in the early 2000s.

8. Jonathan LipnickiJerry Maguire, Dr. Doolittle, Stuart Little. This guy is still acting — in what films?

7. Ralph MacchioThe Karate Kid, My Cousin Vinny, The Outsiders. Dancing With the Stars fans know what Ralphie got up to.

6. The Two Coreys: Haim and Feldman — The Lost Boys. One of the saddest tales of child-star friendship… pretty much ever.

5. Jonathan Taylor ThomasHome Improvement, The Lion King. If you ever saw I'll Be Home for Christmas, you may have a decent idea of what happened to JTT.

4. Edward Furlong — Terminator 2, Detroit Rock City. Eddie met some struggles post-child stardom, but he's still active.

3. Haley Joel OsmentThe Sixth Sense, Forrest Gump, AI. Haley fell off our radars after his voice broke, but he's actually still working, too.

2. Jake LloydStar Wars: The Phantom Menace. Why did Jake, now 25, say, "I do what I can to not get recognized on the street"?

1. Macaulay CulkinHome Alone, My Girl, Richie Rich, The Pagemaster. Wait, we're actually going to disagree with this one! He dated Mila Kunis for several years, and is now touring with his pizza-themed cover band.

Are you surprised by the whereabouts of these former child stars? Sound off below!