10 Most Confusing Revenge Season 2 Plot Points
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10 Most Confusing Revenge Season 2 Plot Points

Let’s be honest. Season 2 of Revenge was overly complicated and unfortunately the twisted plot points turned off many fans. Hopefully, Season 3 will get back to the root of Emily Thorne’s quest, but for now, let’s celebrate the plot points that made no sense to us this season!

Here were our Top 10:

1) Kara Wallace Clarke Is Married to the White-Haired Man

So Emily’s searching for her long-lost mother and it turns out she was married to the man who just tried to kill her. Awkward. Why did they have to get hitched? We’re still not sure.

2) Fauxmanda Trains With Takeda

So Mandy got knocked up by Jack Porter, then cruised over to Japan to train with Takeda. We’re not entirely sure why or how with that giant baby bump. She never really showed off any mixed martial arts skills, and we’re not entirely sure why she made the trip across the world.

10 Most Confusing Revenge Season 2 Plot Points
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3) Conrad Locks Charlotte in Rehab to Steal Her Inheritance

In the finale of Season 1, Charlotte Grayson downed a bottle of pills after hearing that her mother had died. Now she’s being kept captive in a rehab center per her father’s request. Last season he was her favorite parent, now he’s locking her in rehab for money he doesn’t really need?

4) Declan Starts Robbing Mansions

Apparently all troubled Montauk bartenders automatically go into the business of mansion robbing without a second thought. Seriously, Declan went from “holding” some jewelry for a friend to breaking and entering. Ummm, what?!

10 Most Confusing Revenge Season 2 Plot Points
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5) Fauxmanda Falls Off a Balcony

So Victoria hosts a baby shower for Mandy. When the ex-stripper tries to grab something out of her hands, she topples backwards off a balcony. Basically, the girl who is trained to have good balance on the pole can’t properly pry a piece of paper from someone’s hand without falling backwards from the second floor.

6) Mason Treadwell Agrees to Go to Jail

So Emily reveals her true identity to Mason Treadwell after putting him behind bars and he agrees to stay there in exchange for one day getting to write her official story. Umm, what a horrible trade off. Who knows when her “mission” will be done?!

10 Most Confusing Revenge Season 2 Plot Points
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7) Jack Is Arrested for Drug Smuggling

Basically, Jack is the worst at revenging and when he tries to get the Ryan brothers arrested for drug smuggling, the cop arrests him instead. Jack gets out the next day, and we’re not entirely sure why it was necessary to put him behind bars in the first place unless the plan was simply to show that Jack sucks at most things.

8) Fauxmanda Dies Saving a Charm Necklace

Look, they tried to pass off Mandy’s death as being noble, but in reality she wouldn’t have died if she hadn’t thrown her body back on The Amanda to grab her charm necklace. You know that charm necklace that we’ve never seen before, but has total significance in a brief flashback moment that will later be relevant.

10 Most Confusing Revenge Season 2 Plot Points
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9) Nolan and Padma Were Madly in Love

So Nolan and Padma had one beachside brunch before he started getting privy to her connection to The Initiative. Yet, by the end of the season his feelings for her “defied logic.” If by defies logic he means makes no sense and doesn’t actually have significance, then sure.

10) The Initiative Turns the Lights Out ... Nothing Happens

All season we’re building up to The Initiative’s master plan for turning the lights off in Manhattan with the Carrion program. Then, they do. And … that’s it. They blow up Grayson Global, but that’s after the lights come back on and we’re not entirely sure why they needed the lights off for that.

Do you agree with our picks? Tell us below!

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