10 Things We Want to See in Vampire Diaries Season 4
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The Vampire Diaries

10 Things We Want to See in Vampire Diaries Season 4

With much anticipation (and not a lot of patience), we’re awaiting Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries. Since we have until October 11, we thought we’d come up with a list of things we’re hoping to see when TVD returns.

We could say more of the Elena (Nina Dobrev)-Damon (Ian Somerhalder)-Stefan (Paul Wesley) love triangle, but we know we’re getting that. (And it’s going to be even stickier than usual. Not like that; get your mind out of the gutter. Well, maybe like that, actually.) But there’s so much in addition to the Delena and Stelena moments, that we’ll just call that a given and focus on 10 other plot points we’d love to watch. Agree? Disagree? Let us know!

10 Things We Want to See in Vampire Diaries Season 4
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A threat from the Founder’s Council
Since half the supernaturals on the show rarely kill people, it’s easy to forget how scary they can be. But as Bill Forbes and his torture chamber proved, you don’t need a set of fangs to frighten the bejesus out of the viewers. Let’s hope Damon doesn’t simply compel away their memories of Alaric’s (Matt Davis) betrayal, and the town (and its inhabitants) becomes even more inhospitable.

The Matt and Jeremy Hour
It was pretty amazing to see Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) get mad as hell and decapitate a hybrid in Season 3. More please! Likewise, Matt (Zach Roerig) really needs to get some self-defense lessons and maybe inherit a few of Alaric’s weapons. If the humans on the Founder’s Council can be as scary as the hybrids, let’s see the good-guy mortals be equally adept at taking out villains.

More of Klaus’s sweet side (but not too much)
If he didn’t have his daddy issues and his hybrid hang-ups, we like to think Klaus (Joseph Morgan) would be a sensitive painter who captures pastoral scenes of ponies and other barnyard animals. Caroline (Candice Accola) brings this out in him, which is fun to see. However, we don’t want this hybrid to lose his bite entirely.

Breaking Bad Bonnie
Fairly often, Bonnie (Kat Graham) gets treated as a cure-all, with her spells saving the gang in the nick of time. What if her power was limited because she was overdoing it on the bad juju… or even better, what if she was suddenly working against her friends? If she goes really evil, it could be amazing to get in a few Blaus scenes

Stefan’s struggles
Was it just us, or did Stefan come out of his Ripper tailspin pretty quickly in Season 3? Let’s hope more of his inner monster continues to peek through in Season 4, because it’s fun to watch Stefan with an edge (and Paul Wesley loves playing bad so much).

The original doppelganger
Nina Dobrev is probably working 24 hours a day, but we really hope she manages to find time to bring Tatia to life. The first Petrova doppelganger caught the eye of both Klaus and Elijah (Daniel Gillies). Since it was her blood that was used to turn the Originals into vampires, it means her supernaturalness preceded theirs. Hopefully, we’ll get more information about where her magic originated from and what it means now that the doppelganger line has ended. (Now that Elena’s a vampire, her blood won’t help Klaus make his hybrid army any longer…)

More Originals, in general
The whole story of how the Originals became vampires was one of the best parts of Season 3. The dysfunctional family has 1,000 years of secrets, betrayals, and white ash stabbings to exploit. (Or you can save all those for the spin-off we’re still dying to see…)

A fiend for self-preservation, Katherine (Nina Dobrev) will steer clear of Mystic Falls until Klaus has vacated permanently. There has to be some loophole, though. Frankly, we’re excited for a faceoff between Kat and Elena.

A hunter who hunts (and kills)
RIP Alaric, we’ll never get over you. But… Our big, bad Originals haven’t been so big and bad recently. Okay, Rebekah (Claire Holt) caused a fatal traffic accident, but it took a witch (and a spell) to end the vampire hunter’s life. Klaus has menaced Elena, (sort of) killed Tyler (Michael Trevino), and snapped Alaric’s neck, but none of those stuck. In fact, he hasn’t permanently killed anyone we really care about since Season 2. (Aunt Jenna!)
Don’t ask us to choose who, but the new hunter better do some permanent damage to some vampires. That’s how we’ll know he’s really serious.

Elena on her own
Now that she can take care of herself, Elena should probably hit the pause button on both her relationships. Not that we don’t love the idea of hot vampire lovin‘, but this girl has been through trauma after trauma. Now that both her boys are relatively safe and not on murderous rampages, Elena could use some “me” time.

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