10 Things You Didn\'t Know About Bachelor Crazy Lady Michelle Money
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bachelor Crazy Lady Michelle Money
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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bachelor Crazy Lady Michelle Money


We know she's coming off as The Bachelor Season 15's go-to crazy beyotch, but what else do we know about Michelle Money? Here are a few interesting tidbits we've stumbled across since the Season 15 premiere of The Bachelor:

1. Michelle is an actress with six credits on her IMDb profile, including roles in The Eleventh Hour, The Legend of Awesomest Maximus, Justin Time, and the upcoming film Midway to Heaven, which will be released on February 4.

2. She has a twitter account (@MoneyMichelle), but her last tweet, "Waves of change," was on August 21. She links from Twitter to the Midway to Heaven site.

3. You can watch her as a hot jogger in this trailer for Midway to Heaven. It's getting a lot of plugs, thanks to her!

4. She seems to know Ian Ziering. She's posing with the actor in this December 5, 2008, photo from Juma Entertainment's 17th Annual Deer Valley Celebrity Skifest in Deer Valley, Utah.

5. She knows she's an easy target. She's not watching herself on The Bachelor, and she's not reading gossip about the show. Michelle tells Salt Lake City's ABC 4 News, "There's always going to be people that have something negative to say. There's always going to be someone who starts some rumor and, you know, you just can't win them all."

6. Michelle says she's just a single mom who adores her 5-year-old daughter and wants to find Mr. Right. She sounds just like Emily Maynard! "I am definitely a family girl," she explains to ABC 4 News. "In the big scheme of things, what I really want is a family. That's all that matters. [...] More than anything, I want my daughter to grow up knowing she is a daughter of God, that she is beautiful inside and outside, and that she can do anything that she puts her mind to."

7. The rumors circulating about her are not pretty. People who comment on articles about her are quick to bring up unsubstantiated stories from her past. As abc4girl writes at the end of the ABC story, "Michelle Cartwright Money. Here is her DIRT: ambition is ACTRESS. Was married to Ryan Money. Cheated on him. Had adulterous relationship with Jazz player Boozer. Tried to extort $16,000 to pay credit card bill or threatened to tell his wife (now ex wife). Her claims to be family oriented are shallow at best. What she is oriented toward is a career in fame or infamy."

An anonymous poster on Bachelorlove.Blogspot.com writes, "Michelle is definitely a gold digger, and is known in the SLC as a home wrecker as well. She is the one (or at least one of the ones) that had an affair with Carlos Boozer (while she was also married) before Carlos' wife left him, but not before she continued to extort him for a home, and to pay off her credit card debt, in which he did. I am not just someone that reads gossip columns, I live in SLC and have connections to Michelle Cartwright Money in more than one way."

8. If she were stranded on a desert island she would bring these three things:
Tweezers — I have hair that grows out of a mole on my face that totally bugs me!
My iPod — I love music!
Bobbi Brown Hydrating face cream — I can't live without it!

9. She describes her ideal mate's personality as "Funny, confident, easy-going, compassionate, confident, and Confident!" (Is Brad Womack confident?)

10. No one seems to know how she got the black eye we see next week.

Watch Michelle on Salt Lake City's ABC 4 News here: