10 Things You Need To Know About JP Rosenbaum of The Bachelorette Season 7
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10 Things You Need To Know About JP Rosenbaum of The Bachelorette Season 7

Everybody’s sweet on Cupcake! JP Rosenbaum has been one of our favorite bachelors from Ashley Hebert’s The Bachelorette Season 7 since his Joseph Gordon-Levitt-esque good looks made us swoon at first sight. One of the things we love about JP is how much mystery still surrounds him — though we managed to gather a few details on the Long Island lovah. Here are 10 things every Team Cupcake fan should know:

1. There’s a reason we call him Cupcake: That’s because the 34-year-old construction manager from Roslyn, New York, admitted — perhaps foolishly — on The Bachelorette premiere that his boss started calling him “Cupcake” after he suggested bringing some of the frosted treats into the office on his first day at work He’s not too fond of the nickname, but Ashley — perhaps just as foolishly — blurted out in response that she really wants her future husband to call her “Cupcake.” With her promise to be the sole bearer of the moniker, it was a perfect start to what we hope to be a long love story!

2. His first name may be Jordan: But it may not. We were trying to figure out what JP stands for and we stumbled on JP’s bio on Starcasm.com. One sentence reads “Jordan Rosenbaum considers himself to be stubborn and impatient, especially when things don’t appear to be going his way.” It’s also possible that “Jordan” graduated from Herricks High School in New Hyde Park, New York, in 1995, according to the Scottsdale TV Examiner. But, really, JP is a master of mystery — which only leaves us wanting (to know) more!

3. He’s a man about town (sorta): We found thse pics of JP posing with ladies at Casa La Femme’s annual “Grass Party” in July 2010 in New York: Exhibit A and Exhibit B . Neither lassie is an Ashley-type, which is a good thing because it left him open for the real Ashley!

4. He’s learning to be patient. In his ABC bio, JP describes his three worst attributes as "Stubborn. Frustrated too easily when things don't go my way. Lack of patience." He's so impatient he can't even form complete sentences! However, in her Episode 3 blog for People magazine, Ashley shared this little detail about her first one-on-one date with JP:

"I can tell you a couple things that happened on this date that you didn't see. We opened a fortune cookie that said something along the lines of 'patience will be rewarded sooner or later.' We laughed because at the last cocktail party, I told him to be patient with the process."

Hmmm. Patience will be rewarded, eh? That sounds like a good sign for our beloved Cupcake. Especially since factoid #5 is...

5. He seems to get bored easily: JP admitted during that Episode 3 date that he usually only has relationships that last to or three months before he realizes something is missing. His last relationship went on for more than two years, which worried Ash a bit since he’s usually the one to ends things. Has he finally found what he’s looking for in our Bachelorette or will he be another heartbreaker?

6. He loves the Fourth of July: Why? He explains to ABC, "holidays in the middle of summer where the weather is amazing, heading out to a beach with booze, having the right girl by your side, sitting at the fire on that beach at night. It's the ultimate summer weekend." For now, he’ll have to settle for the fireworks he and Ash were making in the middle of Spring!

7. He wants to learn to Salsa: When asked if he likes to go out dancing, JP said “I'm not opposed to it but I don't necessarily ‘like’ it. I have always wanted to learn to salsa.” Ashley is a trained dancer who could definitely be his guide around the ballroom floor. And might we remind you, a little sexy two-stepping on the streets of Portugal did wonders for Bachelorette Season 6 couple Roberto Martinez and Ali Fedotowsky before she realized he was The One!

8. He likes to travel: At 34, he’s getting to travel the world on The Bachelorette, but before this journey, he said the best trip he'd ever been on was to Australia for two months when he was about 26. "I just picked up and left, on my own, and bounced around the east coast of Australia. Time of my life."

9. He’s very popular with Wetpaint Entertainment readers: Y’all have such great taste! JP is dominating our "Vote Now! Who Is Your Favorite Bachelor After The Bachelorette Season 7, Episode 3?" poll. And is it any surprise? He couldn’t have been more perfect of a companion after Hurricane Bentley stormed through Ashley’s heart — allowing Ash to comfortably slip into her PJs and cuddle up next to him on their low-key one-on-one date. Jealous? Who’s jealous!?

*Major spoiler alert! For all you folks avoiding Reality Steve’s spoilers, stop reading NOW!*

10. He does well with Ashley: Very well. In fact, JP reportedly wins Ashley’s heart, proposes to her in the finale, and they are currently engaged. Wouldn’t that be the sweet happy ending she deserves after Bentley, Masked Jeff, Drunk Tim, and all the other drama?

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