Pretty Little Liars: 16 Times Ezra Was Super Shady
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars: 16 Times Ezra Was Super Shady

Since finding out in Season 4's Summer Finale that there’s a distinct possibility Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) may be “A,” we’ve been going over his Pretty Little Liars history with a fine-tooth comb. Were there any clues to Ezra’s potential dark side? Knowing what we know now, his actions in the more recent episodes just keep getting more and more questionable. Here are fifteen times Ezra has acted super shady.

1. His drawer o’ money

Nine times out of ten, you follow the money, you’ll catch the culprit - and Ezra sure did have a lot of money in his dresser drawer in Season 3, Episode 5. Aria finds a whole mess of cash in Ezra’s apartment at a time when Ezra is unemployed and supposedly struggling for money. Hidden bundles of large denomination bills? Super shady.

2. His college nickname

Super shadiness doesn’t occur out of context, which is why Ezra’s college nickname might not seem too suspicious to the casual observer. In Season 1, Episode 5, we find out from Troian’s real life boyfriend, Patrick J. Adams, that Ezra went by “Z” during his undergrad years. Normally? Not super shady. With a single letter antagonist running around Rosewood? Super shady.

3. Changing the mark on Noel’s paper

In Season 1, Noel Kahn discovers Ezria’s relationship and uses it to blackmail Ezra into giving him an “A” on a recent test. Shortly after, Noel is framed for having test answers in his locker. At the time, it seemed like an “A”-fueled good break for Ezra. Now, we’re thinking the timing of the entire thing was more than a bit suspicious.

Pretty Little Liars: 16 Times Ezra Was Super Shady
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4. His possible involvement in smashing Connor’s car

Speaking of suspicious timing, we’re looking at the Season 4 smashing of Connor’s car in a whole new light. After Connor spreads lies about hooking up with Aria, his car is found smashed outside of The Brew. The principal thinks it is Mike, Aria’s little brother, but he denies having done it (and we actually believe him). We’ve always considered Ezra a suspect given his feeling for Aria, but after the potential “A” reveal, he’s looking very responsible. Especially given that he overheard Connor and the other high school boys bullying Aria.

5. Ezra attended Ali’s funeral

We suppose Ezra could have been attending Ali’s funeral to support the student community, but it was really strange that he was there - considering he wasn’t supposed to have known the known the teenage girl. Wedding crashing is fun; funeral crashing is just shady.

6. His easy acceptance of “the Jenna thing”

Aria finally spills the beans to Ezra about “the Jenna Thing” near the end of Season 1. And Ezra? Barely bats an eyelash. It was an impressive underreaction even for a supportive boyfriend totally in love with Aria. It was almost as if he already knew the story.

Pretty Little Liars: 16 Times Ezra Was Super Shady
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7. His “job interview” on Halloween

Who has a job interview on Halloween?! We know it’s not Thanksgiving or Christmas or anything, but when Ezra told Aria that he couldn’t go on the Halloween train in Season 3 because he had to meet someone about a ghost writing position, we immediately thought it was a lie. And don’t get us started on how weird it was that he happened to pop up just as the hysteria was dying down. This totally had a Clark Kent/Superman feel to it.

8. His penchant for younger girls

We get as sucked into the Ezria romance as the next PLL fan, but when we give ourselves some narrative distance we are a little critical of the fact Ezra falls in love with one of his high school students. If it turns out Ezra was the “Board Shorts” Ali was in a relationship the summer before she disappeared, we’re going to be seriously creeped out.

9. Yelling at Emily

Yelling at Emily is not cool, Ezra! She’s had a really tough season (which, you should know, if you are “A”). In Season 4, Episode 11, Ezra totally loses his temper with Em when she is asking about a letter of recommendation. Sure, he was under a lot of emotional stress considering he had just found out Malcolm isn’t his biological son, but it gave us a peek into his angry side.

10. Storming into the lair

And, of course, the award for super shadiest of behaviors goes to Ezra’s storming into the lair at the end of the summer finale! It’s going to be hard to erase the image of Ezra angrily surveying his lair, dressed in black cap and sweatshirt. We’re going to be watching Ezra like a hawk come Season 4B for any more super shady shenanigans!

11. The entirety of the Halloween episode

Halloween is always creepy, but Ezra really kicked it up a notch. He called Aria while lurking just a few feet away in a graveyard, then probably punctured Spencer's tire so that he could save the day when he just happened to stumble upon the girls after not hearing from Aria. And then there was the moment when he snuck up on them right when they got the chance to talk to Ali for the first time. Sure, Aria left her cell, but it didn't make us any less freaked out to see him again.

12. His new cabin: a creepy, secluded "A" lair.

In the Season 4B Winter premiere, Ezra takes Aria to his brand new cabin in the woods. But what would once seem like an intimate, romantic getaway now just feels creepy as heck. Sure, Ezra is nothing but sweet to Aria. Yes, they share more then one tender kiss. But let's be real: "A"'s Ravenswood lair has been discovered, and that means "A" needs a new one, stat. What better place than a creepy cabin off in the middle of the woods, far away from everything, and perfect for scheming! We even see a panicked look on Ezra's face when he realizes Aria might accidentally come across a trap door hidden under the rug. Later, that familiar black gloved hand opens the door, revealing a dark, secret room underneath. We're sorry, but everything about this cabin reeks of sketchiness.

Pretty Little Liars: 16 Times Ezra Was Super Shady
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The very next episode, Ezra's cabin struck again. The girls were forced to take shelter there during a storm (thanks to some clever GPS-hacking on "A"s part), and they had Ali's diary with them. The diary holds the clues to where Ali is hiding out, so "A" top priority was to steal it... and steal it he did. So was it Ezra who did the stealing? Well, given how he owns the cabin, we're willing to bet yes. And adding fuel to that claim? A little phone conversation Aria has with Ezra at the end of the episode. Each is casually talking about their day, but Aria can't see that Ezra is all dressed up like he just came from doing something devious. She asks if he got everything done he needed to. Ezra's reply is this: “Things took a little longer than I expected, but I got everything done that I needed to.”

13. When he couldn't stop creeping on the girls at school.

Ezra achieved major creeper status during Season 4, Episode 15 ("Love ShAck Baby"), when he spent most of his time at school peeking through windows at Aria and the girls, clearly intent on watching their every move. Has this been going on since the beginning, and we've just never seen it on camera? Because shudder. Ezra had his sights on Ali's diary, and by the end of the night, "A" had successfully stolen it from the girls. (See #12, his creepy secluded lair.)

14. When he yelled at the mystery blonde and pounded on her car.

During Season 4, Episode 16: “Close Encounters” we saw Ezra burst into a violent rage. Gone was the kind, meek little Ezra we thought we knew. “I saw him totally go off on a woman outside the Grill today,” a concerned Jake told Aria. “Some blonde. He was screaming at her, pounding on her car.” He wasn't exaggerating. Something he didn't mention: Ezra yelling at the woman that she'd really screwed up. We have know idea what she screwed up, but we have a sneaking suspicion it probably has to do with the "A" mystery. When confronted by Aria, Ezra says that the woman was Maggie's lawyer, and that he's trying to fight for a chance to see more of Malcolm. Anyone else get the feeling that's not actually what's going on?

15. When someone put knives in Jake's punching bag right after he ratted Ezra out.

Clearly, Ezra was not happy that Jake told Aria what he'd seen at the Grill. Ezra had told her he was spending the day in Philly, so Jake exposed him as a liar. Seeing how Aria's been clueless about Ezra's dark side up to this point, we'd say Jake ratting out her BF is a pretty big deal. So when Jake kicked into a punching bag to find a ton of sharp knives jutting out — piercing his flesh and causing a very nasty wound — we're pretty sure we have a very good idea who was behind it all.

16. When he sent Aria off for a can chickpeas and then descended into his evil liar.

Clearly, its still important to Ezra to keep Aria around, seeing how intent her was on getting her to spend a weekend with him in the cabin during Season 4, Episode 18: “Hot for Teacher.” But when he had evil lair business to get to, Ezra sent Aria off on a wild goose chase to track down some chickpeas for dinner over a hour away. As soon as Aria leaves, we see that Ezra's had chickpeas all along. He then proceeds to open that creepy trapdoor we first encountered during the 4B premiere. Below, we find "A"'s new lair... and the same computers "A"'s been tracking the girls with. We also see that Ezra's been having the girls photographed and followed. #creepy.

Can you think of any other instances of Ezra’s super shadiness? Sound off in the comments below!

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