Glee’s 100th Episode: Do Quinn and Puck Kiss? — The Evidence
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Glee’s 100th Episode: Do Quinn and Puck Kiss? — The Evidence

Filming for Glee's upcoming 100th episode is well underway, and our favorite musical comedy is pulling out all the stops! Celebrity guest stars galore, tons of returning favorites, and more than a couple romantic lip locks.

Glee cinematographer Joaquin Sedillo recently promised “a couple of EPIC KISSES” during Season 5, Episode 12: “100.” He didn’t give away which couples will be puckering up, but based on a combination of obsessive social media stalking and basic powers of deduction, we’re fairly certain that Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Puck (Mark Salling) are headed for romance once again.

Glee’s 100th Episode: Do Quinn and Puck Kiss? — The Evidence
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The March 12 episode will mark Quinn’s first time back on the show since Season 4, Episode 17: “I Do,” almost a year ago. When she pops back up at McKinley this time, it will be with a sexy Yale boyfriend in tow. But just because Q’s managed to land Chace freakin’ Crawford, that doesn’t mean her feelings for baby daddy Puck have gone away.

Quinn is in every on-set photo we’ve seen of Puck, which means they’ll be sharing a number of scenes together. In addition to a scene with Quinn and her BF, Puck also sits right next to his ex when the New Directions reunite at BreadstiX.

Of course, just because you eat Italian food with your baby daddy — while he’s dressed in his ridiculously attractive army uniform — doesn’t necessarily mean the two of you are up for a full-on make out sesh.

So what has us so convinced that a Quinn/Puck kiss (and possibly more) is happening? That would be the latest tweeted from Joaquin. On January 21, the Glee cinematographer tweeted one simple word that sent our hearts aflutter and launched a thousand fantasies: “#QUICK!”

Quick is, of course, the mashup name for Quinn and Puck. Use of a ‘shipper name almost always implies something romantic. If Joaquin is so excited about the “epic kisses,” we’re very much inclined to believe he’ll be tweeting about them when they happen. (But without giving too much away, of course.)

What do you think: Will Quinn and Puck rekindle their romance during the 100th episode? Or is this all a bunch of wishful thinking on our part? Head below to the comments with your theories on what’s about to go down!

Source: Joaquin Sedillo on Twitter