100 Reasons We Love Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars

100 Reasons We Love Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars celebrates its 100th episode. As we prepare for the wave of emotions we’ll feel during Season 5, Episode 5 (“Miss Me x 100”), Wetpaint Entertainment is taking a look back at all the reasons we’ve grown to love Pretty Little Liars. Between all of the creepy moments (dolls, masks, etc.), terrifying Halloween episodes, and endearing friendships, what’s not to love?

We first met our Liars back in 2010 when a summer sleepover turned into a years-long mystery involving the “death” of Alison DiLaurentis. Throughout the years, we’ve laughed with them, screamed with them, and mourned with them (RIP Maya!), but the one thing that’s kept us coming back week after week is the love we have for Hanna, Emily, Spencer, and Aria. Plus, Rosewood has some serious eye candy. Oh, and we really want to know who “A” is.

So presented without commentary — and in no particular order — here are 100 reasons we love Pretty Little Liars.

1. The Liars' friendship. It's the heart of the show!

2. It always keeps us guessing. Seriously, who is “A”?!

3. Caleb’s hair — yes, even his new ‘do.

4. “Secret” by The Pierces

5. Shhhh!

6. Emily’s coming out storyline.

7. Our favorite Rosewood mom, Mrs. Marin.

8. Spencer’s knee high socks.

9. Toby’s penchant for going shirtless.

10. Mona is a total psycho and we love her for it.

11. Toby’s betrAyal. Have you even screamed so loud in your life?

12. Ian Harding’s grumpy face.

13. Buttahbenzo

14. Hanna's dumb blonde moments. "Jenna can't hear us, she's blind."

15. Detective Holbrook's face.

16. The fact that we never know if we should feel sorry for Ali, or terrified of her.

17. The parking lot kiss.

18. We'll never see scrabble the same way.

19. All the dances. Hey, it's still high school!

20. All the literary allusions.

21. The noir episode.

22. Glamping.

23. Sparia! "You're really tiny, and I love you."

24. Spencer’s snark. “If only we could harness Mona's sense of entitlement. We could light the eastern seaboard.”

25. This epic shower scene.

26. Motel makeouts never looked so hot.

27. Remember when Spencer joined the “A” team?

28. Maya’s underwater wonderland for Emily.

29. The fashion — yes, even Aria’s… sometimes.

30. “Kisses — A”

31. It gave us the world’s creepiest town ever, Ravenswood. RIP.

32. Wren’s accent.

33. Ezria’s first kiss.

34. Everything about the crazy Hastings family.

35. Hanna and Caleb get hot ‘n’ heavy in the tent.

36. Jason DiLaurentis.

37. Hanna and Caleb’s emotional Ravenswood goodbye.

38. Masquerade Balls.

39. Creepy Detective Wilden.

40. Everything about Radley.

41. Emily and Paige’s first kiss in the swimming pool.

42. The Halloween Train.

43. Tippi the bird — LOL.

44. “Did you miss me?”

45. Holden Strauss and “heart condition.” Seriously. We think about Holden at least once a day. Miss you, boo.

46. It saved Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams's adorable real life relationship.

47. Remember Alex? He was cool while he lasted.

48. Ezra's hot younger brother, Wesley. More Fitzgeralds = more fun.

49. Lucy Hale's singing.

50. Noel Kahn. Just, Noel Kahn.

51. We love Haleb, but we're not complaining about having Travis on our screen.

52. Spencer's breakdowns. Troian Bellisario is so incredible.

53. The cast is so awesome to its fans.

54. Hilarious bloopers.

55. Jenna.

56. Creepy Ezra. He was so good at it.

57. Jake's arms.

58. Hanna's new 'do.

59. "You know what they say about hope. It breeds eternal misery."

60. Strip studying.

61. Toby and Emily's friendship.

62. Poor, dead Garrett.

63. Ella's "Muffin Man." Where do we get one?

64. "It's immortality, my darlings."

65. That time Spencer and Caleb bonded over dry cleaning.

66. Melissa Hastings.

67. Toby and Caleb's bromance.

68. Lucas. Is he good? Is he bad? We want to know!

69. The Hitchcock inspired finales.

70. It’s not just about the relationships.

71. Mrs. Grunwald. We’re pretty sure her eyes could see into your soul.

72. Chola Aria.

73. Toby’s do-rag. #ganstA

74. “Bitch can see!”

75. You never know who to trust.

76. Mona is one of the best villains on TV.

77. They film on the same lot as Gilmore Girls, so Rosewood used to be known as Stars Hollow.

78. The parents are always supportive, even if they’re a bit daft.

79. The heels.

80. The B-Team. Oh, Melissa Hastings. What are you up to?

81. Masks and dolls have never been creepier.

82. “A’s” nasty texts. Hey. they’re pretty entertaining.

83. Spencer is always one step ahead.

84. Detective Fields.

85. Ali and Spencer: the ultimate frenemies.

86. Pretty little boss lady Marlene King. She’s our fave Liar!

87. The fact that Ali was alive the entire time.

88. Vivian Darkbloom.

89. Hanna’s grandma, especially when she sang the National Anthem.

90. The flashbacks.

91. The “Ezra is Board Shorts” twist.

92. That one time Toby asked Hanna to dance and our hearts swooned.

93. Mona and Hanna's relationship.

94. Shay Mitchell's hair. It’s so shiny.

95. Aria’s pink streaks.

96. Ashley Benson’s eyes.

97. Hanna’s boobs.

98. Troian Bellisario’s aerial skills.

99. Keegan Allen’s cat Minin.

100. It has the best fans. No, really! It’s the most social show on TV.

Catch the 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, July 8 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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Credit: Andrew Eccles/ ABC Family    

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