100 Reasons We Love The Vampire Diaries!
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The Vampire Diaries

100 Reasons We Love The Vampire Diaries!

Tonight, The Vampire Diaries celebrates its 100th episode! As we prepare for the wave of emotions we’ll feel during Season 5, Episode 11 (“500 Years of Solitude”), Wetpaint Entertainment is taking a look back at all the reasons we’ve grown to love The Vampire Diaries. Between the steamy hookups, sassy zingers, and neck-snapping, what’s not to love?

We first met Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), and the ever-handsome Salvatore brothers — Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) — back in 2009 when most of them were still in high school and Mystic Falls was brand new territory. Throughout the years, we’ve laughed with them, cried with them, and mourned with them (we’re still not over you, Alaric), but the one thing that’s kept us coming back week after week is love.

So presented without commentary — and in no particular order — here are 100 reasons we love The Vampire Diaries. Or, for those of you who are Twitter fiends, #100BestTVDMoments.

1. The love triangle to end all love triangles (even though it’s weird that it involves brothers).

2. Ian Somerhalder’s blue eyes.

3. Paul Wesley’s hazel eyes (and what’s behind them — sorry, Kelly Clarkson pun).

4. Caroline Forbes’s snarky one-liners.

5. Elijah Mikaelson’s suits. All of them.

6. Decade Dances.

7. Klaroline forever.

8. Jeremy Gilbert’s black widower status.

9. The fact that Elena used to actually journal. Those were the good ol’ days.

10. The Originals.

100 Reasons We Love The Vampire Diaries!

11. Klaus Mikaelson’s horse drawing for Caroline.

12. Only casting hot guys. (It’s a CW thing.)

13. Doppelganger fever.

14. Vampire 101 (teaching new vamps how it’s done).

15. The music in each and every episode. It’s amazing, seriously. (What would we do without you, Chris Mollere?)

16. Delena vs. Stelena debate.

17. Just how many stars have appeared on both TVD and Pretty Little Liars.

18. Nina Dobrev’s ability to play multiple characters (even when it means three in one scene!).

19. Every single thing about Rebekah Mikaelson.

20. The Ripper, even though he’s super creepy.

21. Ian’s hero complex. Seriously, he wants to save the world.

22. All the feels when the veil was lifted at the end of Season 4.

23. Steven R. McQueen’s muscles.

24. Damon and Alaric’s epic bromance.

25. The ability to kill off characters all the time.

26. The running joke that Matt (Zach Roerig) is the only mortal left.

27. Katherine chopping John Gilbert’s fingers off in the Season 1 finale. Gross!

28. Klaus’ addiction to stabbing his siblings. Seriously, cut it out, dude.

29. Daylight rings, because bursting into flames sucks.

30. Never going to classes in high school and still graduating.

100 Reasons We Love The Vampire Diaries!
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31. Ian and Paul’s off-screen bromance.

32. Everything Rebekah Mikaelson wears.

33. Lexi (Arielle Kebbel) and Stefan’s friendship.

34. The fact that Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie are college roommates.

35. Historical flashbacks — especially when they involve period attire.

36. Everything about Caroline. She seems like a dumb blonde at first, but she’s a loyal friend to the end.

37. How feisty (read: crazy) Kol Mikaelson (Nathaniel Buzolic) was. RIP, dude.

38. The show’s love of Aussie actors. Accents = swooning.

39. Seeing how far Nina Dobrev has come since her Degrassi days.

40. Bonnie being the token witch. Always.

41. The Gilbert Ring has been used a million times — yet still has a consequence for using it.

42. Proving that even when co-stars break up, they can still remain friends (we’re looking at you, Ian and Nina).

43. GIRL POWER: Nina, Candice, and Kat are total besties — and they can dance.

44. The other supernatural creatures (Werewolves, witches, and hybrids. Oh, my!)

45. Crying our eyes out at Bonnie’s funeral. Thank goodness she is alive again! So many emotions!

46. Stefan’s obsession with eating forest creatures.

47. Humanity switches. Everyone’s got ‘em! Turn yours on, please.

48. Paul Wesley’s obsession with beanies. Too cute!

49. Damon and Elena dancing together at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant.

100 Reasons We Love The Vampire Diaries!
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50. Katherine’s hair. Heck, everyone’s hair.

51. Gruesome scenes: pulling hearts out of chests and snapping necks are a beloved pastime for these folks.

52. How adorable Klaus can be — even when he’s doing something very evil.

53. The Cure!

54. Nina’s love affair with the entire Hough household — and her wicked dance moves.

55. The elaborate doppelganger storyline.

56. Stefan and Klaus’ bromance in the ‘20s — even Paul Wesley thinks there’s more to that story.

57. Kat Graham’s idea of the perfect wedding cake is PB&J.

58. Everything Damon Salvatore ever said.

59. Katherine’s humanization in Season 5. (It also helps that she actually is human in Season 5).

60. The Mystic Grill (and the fact that it might become a real place).

61. Supernatural sex scenes.

62. Caroline and Stefan’s friendship.

63. Katherine helping Stefan get over his PTSD in the safe. (Steferine forever).

64. “He was your first love. I intend to be your last.”

65. Ron Pope’s “Drop in the Ocean” — seriously, that scene was epic.

66. Qetsiyah and just how crazy she was.

67. That time Caroline sang her feelings to Matt. Whenever we hear “Eternal Flame,” we think of Candice Accola and how she can sing it better.

68. The fact that Kat Graham is a triple threat (singing, dancing, acting).

69. Matt and Rebekah’s hot threesome in the Season 5 premiere.

70. How amazing Aunt Jenna and Alaric were together.

71. Elena’s henleys. (R.I.P.)

72. When Damon killed Rose and we realized that he was capable of love. (Brb, crying forever.)

73. That time the Mikaelsons threw a ball and we got to see Kol in a suit.

74. Elena’s death scene — it still brings tears to our eyes.

75. The most passionate fans ever!

76. Jeremy’s hunter tattoo.

100 Reasons We Love The Vampire Diaries!
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77. How loyal Matt is as a friend.

78. Vampire Elena. Seriously, when this character needed a reboot, Julie Plec & Co. turned her into a badass vampire!

79. Two words: Katherine Pierce.

80. It’s set in a small, fictional town. (Sorry, NYC.)

81. Not only is it set in a small town, but they film in Covington, Georgia. Not on some soundstage in Hollywood.

82. When Elena lit her entire house on fire — including Jeremy’s remains — and flipped her humanity switch. Seriously, all of the awards for Nina Dobrev.

83. Paul Wesley’s endless supply of snark.

84. Jeremy and Anna.

85. Bonnie’s relationship with Gram. We miss her!

86. Tyler’s werewolf transformations. It look super painful, but we can’t help but watch.

87. Speaking of werewolves, we miss you, Mason Lockwood.

88. Alaric’s heartbreaking death and the subsequent memorial that brought us all to tears.

89. “It’s cool not growing old. I like being the eternal stud.”

90. Damon’s abs — duh.

91. Ian and Nina’s adorable cat Moke. (Hey, he’s part of the TVD family, too!)

92. We’ll never listen to Sara Bareilles’s “Gravity” without thinking about Stefan and Elena.

93. Damon getting rid of Vicki. She was totes annoying.

94. Marcel’s karaoke moment in the backdoor pilot of The Originals.

95. Caroline’s relationship with her mom, Sheriff Forbes. It was rocky at first, but they’re great now.

96. The amazing crew who help our favorite show come to life week after week.

97. Nina Dobrev’s amazing sense of style and confidence.

98. The pilot — and what a wild ride it has been since.

99. Julie Plec and everything that she (and the other producers/writers) does for the fans.

100. The vampires don’t sparkle. (Sorry, Twilight. We couldn’t resist.)

Phew! Did we miss one of your favorite things about The Vampire Diaries? Hit the comments and sound off!

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Carson Blackwelder is an Associate Editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow him on Twitter and Google+!