Pretty Little Liars 100th Episode — 10 Burning Questions
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars 100th Episode — 10 Burning Questions

Another Pretty Little Liars episode, another batch of burning questions we need answered. Season 5, Episode 5 (“Miss Me x 100”) aka the 100th episode dropped some big reveals, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t leave us with some Qs. Here are our top 10 burning questions from this week’s ep!

1. Who was Bethany Young? Well, PLL finally gave use the identity of the corpse in Ali’s grave, but we have no idea who she is. All we know is that Bethany Young was a 17-year-old escaped patient from Radley. We’re also guessing she might be connected to the death of Toby’s mom and was, perhaps, the reason for Mrs. DiLaurentis’ frantic phone call the night of Ali’s almost-death. But there has to be more to this story, right?

2. What deal did the Hastings parentals make with one another? It’s kind of classic that Mrs. Hastings wasn’t leaving Mr. Hastings because he killed someone, but because he killed someone with Melissa. Veronica lets spill to Spence that she and Peter had a deal never to involve Melissa or Spencer in this. Our question: what is this? Is she just talking about the Hastings apparent feud with the DiLaurentis family, or is there something more?

3. Why was Toby’s house targeted? It seems kind of strange that it was Toby’s house “A” decided to blow up to announce her return. Did “A” target Toby’s house to take Jenna out? Was she doing it to imply some connection between Bethany Young and Toby’s mother? Or was it just to scare the Liars, who she someone knew would be just next door?

4. Where were Mr. Hastings and Melissa the night of Mrs. D.’s death? The more PLL tries to convince us of something, the less likely we believe it. Right now, the implication that Mr. Hastings and Melissa murdered Mrs. DiLaurentis seems too obvious, but that doesn’t mean they’re not hiding something. They’re lying about their whereabouts the night of Mrs. D.’s murder, so where were they?

5. Who was tailing Ali? With all of the shenanigans that went down in last night’s episode, it’s easy to forget that Ali was all-out tailed on her walk home from Emily’s house. Who was tailing Ali? Was it “A” or someone in Mona’s Army? Are they one in the same?

6. Who is Mr. DiLaurentis’ “flunkie”? The 100th episode only proved how much Ali is keeping from the Liars, which is why we’re wondering if Ali lied to Aria about who she was talking to in the car at the beginning of the ep. She claimed it was one of her “dad’s flunkies,” giving her a ride to pick something up at his office. Was this the truth? Either way, is it someone we know? Does Ali have another ally in town that we don’t know about?

7. Who are Mona, Jenna, and Sydney working with? Mona certainly knows how to gather an army. Last night, we learned that she has Jenna and Sydney on her team. They also seemed to be waiting for a fourth person. Who is it? It’s a big enough reveal that the show wants to save it for a later episode. Could Paige have officially joined Mona’s Army?

8. Have Ali and Caleb met before? Caleb and Ali shared a strange look when Hanna dragged her ex-boyfriend into the Team Liar meetup at the end of the episode. Were they just intrigued to see each other in person or did this glance have greater significance? Could Ali have returned to Ravenswood while Caleb was there? Or, perhaps, Caleb was the person Ali was chatting with at the beginning of the episode?

9. Are Ali's feelings for Emily real? Last night, Ali told Emily that she has feelings for her, and the two shared a steamy hook-up. We want to believe Ali was telling the truth — even if you don't want these two together, Ali lying about this would crush Em — but can we trust her? That brings us to our next question...

10. Can the Liars trust Ali? As always, the biggest burning question continues to be if Ali can be trusted. In last night’s episode, she proved that she is capable of lying and playing the mean girl, when the situation presents itself, but she also seems genuinely eager to change and put all of that behind her. Can Ali be trusted? We’re still not sure…

What burning questions do you have from the 100th episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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