Pretty Little Liars 100th Episode: Ali and Emily Hookup — But Are Ali’s Feelings Genuine?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars 100th Episode: Ali and Emily Hookup — But Are Ali’s Feelings Genuine?

When Ali came back into the Liars lives in the Season 4 finale of Pretty Little Liars, we doubted whether or not we could trust the former Queen of Mean. And after tonight’s 100th episode — Season 5 Episode 5: “Miss Me x 100” — we know Ali isn’t being real with her friends. In fact, it seems like she’s manipulating them all over again.

So when Ali tells Emily her feelings for her were real, can we really believe her? After Emily makes Ali and Paige hash out their issues, Ali tells Em that “those kisses” they shared before her disappearance “weren’t just for practice.” Later in the episode, Ali and Emily take their relationship to the next level, hooking up in Emily’s bed!

But for every so-called truth Ali tells, she gets caught in an even bigger lie. Ali and Mona have a huge confrontation in this episode, and instead of telling the Liars what really went down — that she slapped Mona after Mona slapped her — Ali tells them she she did nothing in retaliation. So when she gets caught in her own lie, Emily isn’t very happy with Ali.

Ali tells Em: “I didn’t tell you everything because I was so afraid to lose you.” But is she really telling the truth? Or is Ali going back to her old manipulative ways? We’d like to believe Ali’s feelings for Emily are genuine — we’d hate to see Emily get her heart broken — but right now, we don’t know what to believe. Ali needs allies, so it would make sense for her to try and keep the Liars extra close.

Sure, Ali says she’s a changed person, but after seeing her go head-to-head against Mona, we’re not so sure Ali is telling the truth. She seemed pretty hell bent on taking her old sparring partner down.

Not to mention that there are still a few things Ali has been keeping from her friends, like the giant scar on her leg. Why didn’t she just tell Hanna what happened? And what was Noel Kahn doing in New York this entire time? Tisk tisk, Ali. We know pretty girls keep ugly secrets, but if you really want your friends’ help, it’s time to come clean.

What do you think? Are Ali’s feelings for Emily genuine, or is Ali just playing with Em’s heart? Sound off in the comments!