Glee 100th Episode Spoilers: Quinn’s Return! Everything We Know
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Glee 100th Episode Spoilers: Quinn’s Return! Everything We Know

We're tickled pink about Quinn's (Dianna Agron) long-awaited return for Glee's 100th episode. (Get it because Quinn's hair used to be pink?) And we've gotten some juicy hints about what the Yale gal's life is all about these days.

Quinn who has yet to appear on Season 5 of Glee will be coming back to McKinley for Season 5, Episode 12: "100." In the episode, the New Directions members who have graduated will return to say goodbye to Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison), as the glee club will reportedly be disbanding for good in the episode.

Glee 100th Episode Spoilers: Quinn’s Return! Everything We Know
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But what else will happen to Quinn in the episode? Here's our round-up of everything we've learned and surmised thus far about her grand return.

Quinn will be dating Biff, played by Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford

Pretty much any boyfriend would be a step up for Quinn from her married professor, whom she was with last season. So dating someone played by Chace is a whole slew of steps up, even if his character, Biff, is being described as a "Yalie degenerate." Then again, we'd date any degenerate who looks that good in a vest.

Quinn and Brittana will reportedly sing Britney Spears's "Toxic"

Not only will the Unholy Trinity finally be reuniting, but they'll apparently be teaming up for a very sexy version of "Toxic." Get ready to go on a ride, and then slip under. Plus, it appears that Rachel (Lea Michele) may bewatching the song performance. Team Faberry unite!

Quinn and Puck just might be sharing an "epic" smooch

Quinn and Puck (Mark Salling) will always share a special bond, given that they're Beth's biological parents. We haven't seen a romantic Quick moment in quite some time, but we have a hunch this will change during the episode, judging by a few startling clues.

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