11 Times The Pretty Little Liars Police Department Was the Worst
11 Times The Pretty Little Liars Police Department Was the Worst
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11 Times The Pretty Little Liars Police Department Was the Worst


There are some pretty dense characters on Pretty Little Liars, but no group of people is quite as incompetent as the Rosewood police department. Under the Rosewood P.D.’s watch, nine people have died within the small town’s boundaries — and two of them were police officers. But the police department’s awfulness doesn’t end with its poor record of protecting its townspeople. The members of the Rosewood P.D. are some of the worst bullies on a show about being epicly bullied. Here are 11 times the PLL police department was the worst.

That time Wilden slept with Ashley Marin in exchange for dropping the charges against Hanna. Wilden started his career as the grossest police officer of all early in his PLL run. In the very first season story arc, he started sleeping with Ashley Marin in exchange for dropping the shoplifting charges against Hanna. Yep. Classy guy, that Wilden. Believe it or not, he actually got even more despicable from here.

That time Hanna hacked into a laptop while the police had it. The Rosewood police department may not be known for their hacking prowess, but they hit a new low that time Caleb’s computer was confiscated. Before they could break into themselves, Hanna — basically a computer novice — managed to externally hack into it herself and delete the files. We know Hanna is supposed to be some kind of secret genius or something, but this was embarrassing.

That time Wilden was the Queen of Hearts. Maybe we shouldn’t hold the entire police department responsible for Wilden’s off-duty actions, but they did make him a detective, so #sorrynotsorry. In the Season 3 Halloween special, Wilden dressed up as the seemingly ubiquitous Queen of Hearts, then tried to kill Aria by pushing the crate she was locked in off of the moving train. What a jerk.

That time Wilden set fire to the lodge. In another one of Wilden’s greatest hits, the police detective almost killed Hanna, Emily, Aria, and Mona when he set fire to the Thornhill Lodge with the girls inside of it. If not for Alison, they probably would have died — and Rosewood would have reached the double digits in its unsolved murder count.

That time the Liars moved Wilden’s stolen police car across town. The Liars are a relatively resourceful bunch, but we find it hard to believe that Hanna and Aria were able to successfully move Wilden’s stolen police car all the way from Hanna’s house to the lake outside of town. The cops only found the car when “A” fished it out of the lake for them, then parked the muddy thing in the middle of town.

That time they let CeCe Drake go. CeCe Drake is full of answers about the “A” game. If she hasn’t straight up committed some of the most notorious crimes in Rosewood, then she probably knows who did. Of course, rather than get some real answers out of CeCe or, we don’t know, charge her with something, CeCe was either let go or allowed to sneak out of the police station. Oh brother.

That time they couldn’t get any straight answers out of Alison. In another example of the Rosewood police department’s inability to do any detective work when the answers were well within their reach, we have Ali’s polygraph. The cops had Alison hitched up to a lie-detector, and they still weren’t able to get any real answers out of the girl.

That time Mona hacked into the police department servers...from inside the police department. Mona snuck into the Rosewood police department, set up shop in the bathroom, then proceeded to hack into the police department’s database. After watching this, it’s no wonder “A” is able to do whatever she wants in this town. Her skills are as least as good as Mona’s, and Mona didn’t even seem to be trying.

That time Holbrook kissed Ali. We were willing to give Holbrook a free pass on the Hanna kiss because she initiated the lip lock and he immediately told her it was inappropriate, but we have no such excuses for the Ali/Holbrook kiss at the ice ball. What the heck, Holbrook? We thought you were one of the good guys. This was the moment we realized Holbrook is the new Wilden. How unfortunate.

That time they hired Toby — then let him work the Mona murder case. We’re still not over the fact that Toby a) seemingly mailed away for his cop badge and b) is allowed to work the Mona murder case even though he is both the newest officer in the department and knows most of the key players in the case. Wait…does anyone else even work at the Rosewood police department besides Tanner, Holbrook, and Toby? This could explain a lot.

That time they never solved any murders. AKS always. We might have some respect for the Rosewood P.D. if they ever solved any murders — or, you know, noticed the intricate crime ring currently being conducted by “A” right under their noses. But they never solve any crimes. Sometimes, they arrest people, but it’s never the right person. Things are looking up now that Lieutenant Tanner is running the show, but we’ve still yet to see results from this frankly pathetic example of a law enforcement body.

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