12-Year-Old Arrested in Two Armed Holdups
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12-Year-Old Arrested in Two Armed Holdups

You have to wonder why such young children get these ideas in their heads, like the boy who allegedly held up two establishments with a loaded revolver before he was caught and charged with two counts of first-degree robbery.

The tween boy, The Seattle Times reports, whose name was not shared due to his age, is said to have held up a bikini barista coffee stand known as Hillbilly Hotties as well as Peck’s Drive Market convenience store. In the case of the coffee stand, barista Jovanna Edge said the employee who was at the window was not about to serve the boy. “She almost didn’t serve him because it’s not normal to see a kid on a bike, and it was crazy busy with a huge line of cars.”

After the barista made the smoothie the boy ordered, she asked him for payment, at which time she says the boy pulled out a handgun and demanded money. Edge said she pointed at the tip jar, the boy emptied it into his backpack, and rode off with his drink.

According to The Seattle Times, the younger boy met a 16-year-old in church and borrowed the gun from him. The older boy already has a record with the law as a suspect in a robbery of a Jimmy John’s sandwich shop earlier this year. He also has a felony burglary conviction under his belt from 2009, when he and a group of other boys broke into an empty rental house, vandalized every room, emptied the koi pond, and stole several of the fish.

The fact that the boys met in church is one of the worst details of this story, aside from the robberies themselves. Church is meant to be a place to cleanse oneself of sins and start fresh, but these boys clearly had other plans. Not only do we have to worry about bad influences on our children in their schools, but now we have to watch who they associate with at church? So crazy.

Both boys will be arraigned this morning and the prosecution says it will not move to charge either child in adult court.

Source: The Seattle Times

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