Your Fave ‘13 Reasons Why’ Ship Shares a Kiss in Short Film (VIDEO)
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13 Reasons Why

Your Fave ‘13 Reasons Why’ Ship Shares a Kiss in Short Film (VIDEO)


13 Reasons Why isn’t exactly the kind of show that inspires shippers — but its adorable stars do.

Now there’s more fuel for one of the show’s most popular real-life ships.

Miles Heizer (Alex) and Brandon Flynn (Justin) have drawn a lot of attention from shippers trying to determine whether or not the two actors were dating IRL.


Of course, they’re freaking sweethearts offscreen, so everyone is dying for this one to be true.


The actors’ reps shut down the rumors, insisting to Page Six that the guys’ relationship is strictly professional in nature.


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But a recently resurfaced video can give Biles shippers hope for the future!


The boys co-starred in Kevin Rios’s short film Home Movies.


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The short is meant to garner attention and empathy for the plight of gay men in this frightening political era.


Miles and Brandon play boyfriends in the film, all smiles and happy kisses before the harsh reality sets in.


(NSFW Language in video)


Even in between seasons, these two are doing what they can to draw attention to social awareness issues and we love them for it.


13 Reasons Why is currently streaming on Netflix.