15 Best Quotes From Revenge Season 1
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15 Best Quotes From Revenge Season 1

Gird your loins (whatever that means), we're about to enter the bleak period known as Revenge hiatus blues.

Common symptoms include a fondness for clams, and the refusal to drink anything but bubbly water and Patron.

Take the edge off with the best 15 quotes of the season –– and yes, most of these are courtesy of Nolan Ross.

15. Jack sobs hysterically: "Thank you for teaching me how to love."

What kind of relationship did this guy have with his dog, anyway?

14. Emily parties like it's 2002: "Vodka tonic. Hold the tonic."

The name's Thorne, Emily Thorne.

13. Charlotte's boyfriend spies Declan: "What are you staring at, wharf rat?"

Excuse us while we laugh hysterically.

12. Victoria whispers at Dominik: "The shadows around me are darker than you know."

Just pop some sliced cucumber on them and you're good to go!

15 Best Quotes From Revenge Season 1
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11. Nolan calls Emily: "We’re at Defcon 1, Ems."

We have a suspicious feeling that Nolan plays a lot of video games in his spare time.

10. Nolan blows our minds: "Mea culpa, babe."

All apologies should be in Latin.

9. Nolan chats about Amanda: "Girlfriend keeps poppin' up like the homicidal stripper version of whack-a-mole."

Now that's a mole we'd love to whack.

8. Emily Works Her Boston Accent: “Be better than your parents. Ain’t nothing more poetic than that.”

Our eyes! Our ears!

7. Tyler answers Emily’s call: “Speak of the devil, or should I say the devil’s daughter?”

We’ll be answering all phone calls like this from now on.

6. Victoria chats with Emily: “Blood will always be thicker than water.”

Tell that to Tyler.

15 Best Quotes From Revenge Season 1
Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

5. Victoria picks out an outfit: “No more bandage dresses.”
Ashley: “Alright, I’ll have them burned immediately.”

Somewhere, the staff of Hervé Leger is crying.

4. Nolan blasts Mason: “Spineless, seer-sucking dilettante…You know, I haven’t been this disappointed since The Phantom Menace.”

Oh, Jar Jar Binks. How we love you.

3. Emily proves just how much of a sociopath she is: “I googled ‘friendship’ on the interwebs.”

Girl, it’s called the internet.

2. Nolan: “Blackmail. Isn’t just for breakfast anymore.”

Personally, we like our blackmail for dessert right after a main course of murder.

1. Nolan mouth voms at the thought of vacationing in Florida: "Miami’s for trolls.”

So, that means Monaco's for Wizards?

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