Big Brother 15’s Aaryn Gries Shares Marine Ball Photo With New Boyfriend
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Big Brother 15’s Aaryn Gries Shares Marine Ball Photo With New Boyfriend

The Big Brother 15 finale aired on September 18 — and after that, Aaryn Gries re-entered the world and learned how much she was disliked by many fans for her racist comments.

“It's probably the worst moment of my entire life so far,” Aaryn recently told the San Antonio Express-News. “I've been in and out of depression since the whole thing happened. ... I'm not a racist in any way, but I know I said things that were insensitive and mean.”

She said she's not hiding from what she did, she's owning up to it. But life isn't all rocky for Aaryn, 23, who has been traveling across the country since the end of the show, picking up new work, and even meeting a new boyfriend. (Sorry David! And Judd.)

She met her new man, a Marine, in Virginia. On November 1 she shared photos on Instagram of their fun time at the Marine Ball. (See another pic below.)

Aaryn told her local Texas paper she's not sure if she'll return to Texas State University in January or finish her last year of college online. She did lose her modeling contract after her controversial comments on BB15, but she said she has two interviews lined up for a role in a miniseries and a small role in a film, and her reps at Integrated PR in L.A. are putting together a hosting reel for potential TV jobs.

She's still getting some hate from people online, but she said fans tend to be nice to her in person. Overall, it sounds like life isn’t treating her too poorly — especially since BB15 was so controversial and it only ended a little over a month ago. We all move on fast! Now we just want spoilers on next summer’s Big Brother 16...

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