Big Brother 16: Amber Borzotra Goes Home — Fifth HG Evicted!
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Big Brother 16: Amber Borzotra Goes Home — Fifth HG Evicted!

UPDATE: On Thursday, July 31, Amber was voted out over Jocasta. Once again, it was unanimous. Team America's mission was to vote against the majority, but Donny didn't want to vote for Jocasta to leave, then call out someone else for doing it. Good for him for protecting his own game (and character) but these unanimous evictions are a snoozefest.

What exactly did Big Brother 16’s Amber Borzotra do wrong? As a person, she didn’t seem to do anything wrong — she just rejected the advances of Caleb Reynolds, which seems sensible since he’s an intense Stage 5 clinger. But as a Big Brother player, she was basically doomed — by Caleb’s obsession, by being a strong female physical player, by daring to speak out against the boys, by trusting too many people who were lying behind her back.

It's only a matter of time before they take her out, and that time could be now.

Frankie Grande is the Week 5 Head of Household, and he originally nominated Jocasta Odom and Victoria Rafaeli, who have been to the block before. But his plan was always to backdoor Amber, and he may just evict his target this Thursday, July 31. Hayden Voss won the power of Veto and used it to save Victoria. Frankie put Amber up as the replacement nominee. She wasn’t happy about it, but she’s also being lied to by the dominant powers in the house. She believes Frankie feels bad about putting her up (he doesn’t) and thinks it was all Zach Rance and Caleb’s idea (it wasn’t). Caleb may be in for a shock when his “cowgirl” is evicted and he has no one to stalk anymore. (Update: He's not shocked anymore. First he angrily confronted Frankie about putting Amber up under false pretenses, but Frankie is such a smooth operator, he convinced Caleb that Amber was deceiving him. Amber also got ticked at Caleb for ruining her game — which is true — so she turned her "target" on him. Not that she has a chance to target anyone else, since she's leaving. But she doesn't quite seem to get that yet. Amber's target news spread to Caleb, and Caleb is now anti-Amber, angling for another unanimous eviction Thursday night.)

It does seem like Amber is the most likely to leave, since Jocasta isn’t really a threat to anyone. But Amber may be the last to know that she’s leaving. It’s sad. On the upside, she’ll be free of Caleb and his obnoxious bro posse. Although she may not be free of Caleb for long, since every week someone talks about backdooring Caleb, and they could try to go through with it next week. Can you imagine if he continues to obsess over her in the real world too?

Are you sorry to hear that Amber is probably leaving, or do you think it’s for the best?

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07.28.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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