Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Devin Is HOH, Won POV; Paola, Zach Are Nominees, Paola Evicted
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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Devin Is HOH, Won POV; Paola, Zach Are Nominees, Paola Evicted

UPDATE 1: After Thursday's (July 3) live show, on the live feeds, Devin told Caleb he already knew who he would put up: "I want to put Paola and Brittany together. I want to put them both up."

UPDATE 2: Devin nominated Paola and Brittany, and Amber nominated Hayden and Nicole. Paola told Devin she'd throw the Battle of the Block comp for Devin, since Brittany is his target. Devin is basically in control of everything so far. Also, #devinhasadaughter

UPDATE 3: Hayden and Nicole won the Battle of the Block, so Devin is the official HOH. (Groan) Brittany and Paola are still nominated. Brittany seems to be the target and Paola may be the new Spencer/Official Pawn Of The Season. If Brittany wins POV, they still plan to keep Paola around. Or do they? Devin seems to be the one who wants Brittany out, but others would rather see Paola gone, since she's tight with Devin. But there's also talk of trying to backdoor Victoria if Brittany wins POV.

UPDATE 4: Devin won POV, in a comp held Saturday night (July 5). This is just his week. (Why, God, why?!) So Brittany will almost certainly be going home, unless other members of The Bomb Squad can convince Devin to keep Brittany around and get rid of someone else, like Victoria. But Caleb and Devin had a big falling out yesterday, and even though they seem OK now, Devin keeps putting a target on himself. So we'll have to see if he can last past this week. Oh. And did you know? #devinhasadaughter

UPDATE 5: Devin has promised to save Brittany with the POV. His plan is to put up Victoria to vote her out, but there's a building movement to possibly target Paola instead, because she made a deal with Devin to throw the HOH comp. Anti-Devin HGs know they can work with Victoria to oust Devin, whereas Paola just seems like his puppet. So Paola may have just sunk her own battleship. But the rest of the Bomb Squad — especially Zach and Derrick, it seems — are determined to oust Devin next week. Even though #devinhasadaughter. But wait! Zach had a falling out with Devin, and Zach has made noise about wanting to go home. So it's possible Zach will be the replacement nominee. The ceremony should be held Monday (July 7) so stay tuned. At this point, Brittany seems safe, but Victoria, Paola or Zach may be going home.

UPDATE 6: On Monday, July 7, Devin used the POV to save Brittany and named Zach the replacement nominee. The house is blowing up! So either Paola Shea or Zach Rance will be the second person evicted from BB16. Go Brittany, though. She was the target and now she's safe. Zach exposed The Bomb Squad alliance when he went up. He also called Frankie a flip-flopper. Frankie was not happy about that. (Zankie/Zrankie, we hardly knew ye!) Paola is also pissed because Devin promised to save her and he saved Brittany instead. Oh, and Devin is now as obsessed with Brittany as Caleb is with Amber. Two creepy guys stalking two girls who don't reciprocate the feelings. Sad. Devin is probably toast next week. Caleb? Caleb's best bet is to keep Devin around as an alpha shield, but Devin is making too many good arguments for eviction. By the way, Devin, Brittany said on the feeds that she had a famous boyfriend. She wouldn't name him, but it's not you.

UPDATE 7: Expect the unexpected! By Wednesday, July 9 the House had apparently changed its mind enough that it now looks like Zach may have enough votes to stick around. Poor Paola may be going home. Devin is not happy about it, and he exposed the Bomb Squad to anyone who didn't already know about the Bomb Squad — including Brittany, who felt betrayed by Derrick, since she thought they were close. Devin realizes he's in trouble next week, but you never know. Clearly this group is very distrustful of each other and willing to put up just about anyone. Devin may be so obvious a target that he's not worth evicting.

EVICTION UPDATE 8: It wasn't unanimous, but Paola was evicted, with only two votes (Donny and Jocasta) to save Paola. The other 10 were to save Zach.

Original story:

Caleb Reynolds’ watch has ended as the first official Head of Household of Big Brother 16. (Thank heaven.) But will things now get better or worse, in terms of a power battle?

During Thursday’s live show, Julie Chen revealed that the men and women would compete separately in the two HOH comps, so we were guaranteed one male and one female HOH. It was “Greek Week” in the Big Brother house. The sorority sisters competed first, then the fraternity bros competed in the same competition. The HGs had to walk across a balance beam while carrying kegs. The men threw frisbees at the girls as they competed, then the women did the same for the boys.

Amber Borzotra was the female winner. Cody Calafiore was initially named the male winner, but Julie said they had to review the tapes to make sure there wasn’t some kind of penalty. Cody fouled when his foot hit the floor before he hit his button and Devin Shepherd was named the new HOH.


Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Devin Is HOH, Won POV; Paola, Zach Are Nominees, Paola Evicted
Credit: CBS    

Ugh. Both Amber and Devin are members of The Bomb Squad alliance, but Amber isn’t very happy with Devin right now, since Devin stirred up trouble between Amber and her stalker, Caleb. So it’s possible if Devin’s nominees win the Battle of the Block, he could go home himself. But if they go for someone from outside the alliance, perhaps Brittany Martinez? Or our beloved Donny Thompson? No. Maybe poor Cody, who was so close to winning? Victoria Rafaeli, since she’s apparently annoying?

Stay tuned for updates on the two HOHs’ four nominees, The Battle of the Block winner, the Power of Veto (POV) comp, and the replacement nominee, if there is one.

Oh, and Donny was named the second Team America winner. Hopefully it helps him more than it helped Joey Van Pelt!

Which HG do you hope leaves this week?

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