16 and Pregnant’s Millina Kacmar Confronts Her Baby Daddy’s Mom — Watch the Sneak Peek (VIDEO)
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16 and Pregnant

16 and Pregnant’s Millina Kacmar Confronts Her Baby Daddy’s Mom — Watch the Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

If you thought you’ve seen it all with MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, think again. The latest season of the hit-docu drama just keeps delivering (pun intended), leaving us ugly crying and cringing thanks to a few shocking scenes (we’re looking at you, Autumn). In this week’s episode, we meet Millina Kacmar from Clinton Township, Michigan, who confronts her baby daddy’s mother and things get a little intense.

In this sneak peek, Millina sits down to have an honest conversation with her boyfriend Trevor’s mom, Tina, to talk about her unborn baby’s safety. It turns out Trevor’s mom suffers from seizures and strokes, and Millina is concerned that even though she might be great with babies, Tina’s illness could pose an issue when it comes to babysitting.

“I feel this is the best environment for the baby,” Tina says. “I feel that it’s not,” 16-year-old Millina responds. “I don’t think that I will ever feel 100 percent fully comfortable with you being alone with the baby because I’ve seen personally everything you’ve gone through. You have strokes — not your fault — but what if you were to be alone with the baby and have one? Do you see where I’m coming from?”

Not only does Millina have a good point, but girlfriend sure sounds like a mature adult! However, the conversation takes a turn for the worst.

“I know when I’m having a stroke, Millina. That’s why I’m living with my friend; my friend wants to take care of me,” Tina replies. “It’s your kid. Do what you want with it.”

“I’m trying to talk to you, and I don’t not want you to be around the baby, I do. I just don’t feel comfortable…,” Millina tries to say back, but gets cut off by Tina. “I’ve been nothing but the best f—king mother in this f—king d—n world!,” Tina yells.

What happens next? Well, let’s just say we we were anticipating heads rolling on the floor. Instead, one of the most heated conversations to hit MTV’s 16 and Pregnant happens. To see the rest of Tina’s reaction, watch the clip and prepare yourself for one of 16 and Pregnant’s most shocking episodes yet!

Be sure to watch the full episode of 16 and Pregnant tonight on MTV at 10 p.m. ET.

Do you think Trevor’s mom was right to get so upset? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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