Is Summer Rewis’s Mom Still Using Drugs?
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16 and Pregnant

Is Summer Rewis’s Mom Still Using Drugs?

Every episode of 16 and Pregnant's fifth season has been an emotionally devastating roller coaster full of ugly crying and pearl-clutching, but the most intense episode yet? That would be last week's episode starring Summer Rewis, who had to deal with her pregnancy alone since her mother was battling a drug addiction for much of the time. In fact, poor Summer tried to go out to eat with her mom, only to discover that she was high on Klonopin!

So, how is Summer's mom doing now that 16 and Pregnant is over? The good news is that she didn't end up in the slammer. "She ended up being on probation, and didn’t have to do any time,” Summer recently told The Ashley's Reality Roundup. “We’re pretty much the same as before. I see her every now and then but that’s about it.”

It's understandable that Summer wouldn't want her son, Peyton, spending too much time with her mom — plus this gal kinda has her hands full mending her relationship with her hubby, DJ. This dude recently cheated on Summer (she caught him in the act!), but she's willing to forgive and forget.

"We’re better,” Summer said. “He made a mistake, and we’re trying to move forward. Hopefully everything will be okay. We think so.” Sounds like this gal has the right attitude — call us crazy but she's pretty mature for a sweet six-teenager!

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Source: The Ashley's Reality Roundup