Looks like MTV's hit docu-drama, 16 and Pregnant, has hit a bit of a road bump! Word on the street is that the critically acclaimed series is filming a fifth season, starring newcomer Maddy and her baby daddy, Cody.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Maddy and Cody hail from Tinley Park, Illinois. Maddy's due date was back in October, making her little one around 2 months old. Those of you who watch 16 and Pregnant know that the show follows ladies throughout the first months of their children's lives, which means MTV's camera crew are presumably trolling around Tinley Park for an update on Maddy and her family — but not if the mayor has anything to say about it!

Tinley Park's head honcho, Mayor Ed Zabrocki, has no love for 16 and Pregnant, and he laid down the law big time when he found out the show wanted to film around town. Not only did the Mayor refuse to let MTV film at Andrew High School, he won't let them film at any of Tinley's public properties –– including the 80th Avenue train station's restaurant, where camera crews were reportedly attempting to shoot a scene.

"I think the initial concept of the show probably made some sense, but over the years with reality TV, etc, that kinda thing, I think it glamorizes unwed mothers," the mayor says in his defense. "This is a quick and easy way for some young ladies, 14, 15, 16-years-old, to have it in their mind, 'This is how I get on TV and have my ten minutes of fame.' I think it sends the wrong message and I feel very strongly about it."

Hmm, we're going to beg to disagree on this one. Anyone who watches 16 and Pregnant knows that it doesn't glamorize pregnancy — unless your idea of glamour is having no money and dropping out of school.

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Source: WGNTV