Credit: Twitter

Teen Mom 2's most infamous baby mama is baking another bun in her oven! Naturally, we're talking about Jenelle Evans, who's currently around three months pregnant with her second child. Jenelle and her boyfriend, Nathan Griffin, are over-the-moon about their growing family (especially because neither of them have custody of their first children), but the pregnancy has been met with mixed reactions from friends and fans.

While most of Jenelle's fellow MTV stars have remained positive about the news, 16 and Pregnant's Danielle Cunningham took it to Twitter to throw shade at Jenelle for getting pregnant when she doesn't have custody of her first child, Jace Evans.

"Oh gawd. @PBandJenelley_1 is pregnant?" Danielle tweeted on December 15. "Wtf is wrong with you? How unfair to poor jace you selfish incompetent stupid bitch."

Yikes, is it just us, or is this musing slightly harsh? While Jenelle has certainly had a troubled past, you'd think Danielle would be somewhat more understanding. She and Jenelle have more in common than Danielle might care to admit — including a past addiction to drugs! Plus, Danielle also popped out a second child after overcoming her struggles, so it's surprising that she isn't happier for Jenelle

Of course, it will be hard for Jace to understand why his sibling gets to live with Jenelle 24/7 while he's stuck living with Barbara Evans, but Jenelle and Babs will doubtless make sure that Jace has a close relationship with both his mom and his new sib.

Do you think Danielle is being unfair on Jenelle, or do you understand where she's coming from?