You know what MTV's 16 and Pregnant has in common with the story of Mary and Joseph? The Virgin Mary was totally a teen mom, y'all! Think about it: much like the ladies of our favorite reality docu-drama, Mary randomly woke up one morning and found out she was pregnant — only she happened to have been immaculately conceptioned by an angel instead of being the unfortunate victim of a broken condom. Shades of grey. noticed the similarities between MTV's hit show and the story of Mary and Joseph, and created a hilarious spoof of 16 and Pregnant. Some highlights? Mary getting "betrothed to a cute carpenter," Mary praying for all her "besties" at temple, and Mary's voice over musing "I guess I'm just a typical teenager but all that's about to change because I'm pregnant with the son of god."

Check out the video below to follow the story of Mary and Joseph navigating their relationship (will Joseph step up to the plate even though the baby isn't his?!), as well as Mary's dramatic labor in a manger, and — of course! — the birth of Jesus Christ, who spends most of this video crying and being given sketchy bottles of Myrrh.

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