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The time has come to check in on 16 and Pregnant's Nikkole Paulun! This blonde bombshell is the proud momma to the cutest kid on the planet, but it looks like there's some drama-rama in little Lyle's life. In case you need a quick refresher, Nikkole and her baby daddy, Josh, welcomed Lyle to the world on the show, but they're no longer together. In fact, Nikkole has a new man — and it looks like Josh is suffering from an acute case of jealousy.

According to Nikkole, Josh is so upset about her boyfriend that he's questioning whether or not he's even Lyle's real father. That's right, dude is demanding a DNA test.  Somewhere, Maury Povich is happy-crying.

"Josh told me wants a DNA test on Lyle," Nikkole posted to Sulia. "He told me this after he found out I had a boyfriend again. He went on his little 'you're a slut" rant and added that he needs to get a DNA test on Lyle. He KNOWS Lyle is his and said it just to try to get under my skin."

So, are there any other contenders who could be Lyle's dad? Psh, as if! "There is no one else that could be Lyles dad because I wasn't with anyone else anywhere near the time I got pregnant," Nikkole revealed. "So I just wanted to clear up that it's not that there could be someone else, it's because he wants to act rude to me."

Clearly, Nikkole and Josh need to head over to Maury's infamous soundstage and get this thing sorted out ASAP!

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Source: Sulia