Credit: MTV

16 and Pregnant is boldly going where no MTV show has gone before, and all we can say is "our eyes!”  We're used to this A+ docu-drama getting into the nitty gritty of pregnancy and delivery, but this week's episode starring Virginia native Autumn Crittendon took things to a whole new level.

Like 16 and Pregnant starlets before her, Autumn's labor was captured by MTV's cameras. Only, instead of chilling near Autumn's head and leaving the delivery to the viewer's imagination, fan website Teen Mom Truth pointed out that cameras actually captured footage of Autumn delivering her baby!

Don't worry, the entire thing was very tasteful and we saw the baby emerge from a birds-eye-view, but that's not all. Autumn also delivered the placenta, and the cameras got more than a little up close and personal. Let's just say nothing was left to the imagination.

While many young fans were a bit turned off by the graphic portrayal of labor during this week's episode, the show is known for providing impressionable viewers with a honest look at the realities of pregnancy. And, if anything, Autumn's episode will (hopefully) deter young fans from having unprotected sex compared to previous seasons!

How did you feel about the graphic nature of Autumn's delivery? Were you surprised that MTV showed so much? Let us know in the comments!

 Source: MTV / Teen Mom Truth