Credit: Twitter

Pregnancy is a wonderful time full of binge-eating and cankles, and at the end of the nine month adventure, you walk away with an adorable kid if you're like 16 and Pregnant's Danielle Cunningham. But the downside to pregnancy? Stretch marks, varicose veins, and — oh yeah — gaining a gazillion pounds.

Credit: Danielle Cunningham on Twitter

Like most women, Danielle gained a fair amount of weight while she was pregnant with her daughter, and she's been in a mission to drop the pounds ever since giving birth to the sweet bundle of joy known as Jayleigh Rae. Danielle popped out Jayleigh almost a year ago on June 7, and we're thrilled to report that she's lost a whopping 90 pounds since then! We know, right? It's insane in the membrane!

"90 pounds down" Danielle posted to Twitter along with a photo of herself rocking a cute pink tank and looking super skinny.

Dang, we can't believe how different Danielle looks! So, how did this infamous girl lose the unwanted weight? After breastfeeding for a few weeks (which burns up to 500 calories a day), girlfriend started guzzling up Visalus, a nutrient-rich weight loss drink that she used to lose 50 pounds after her first pregnancy.

Looks like Visalus is doing the trick once again, because Danielle is a mere shadow of her former self! What do you think of her post-pregnancy physique? Head to the comments and let us know!