16 and Pregnant: Aleah and Shawn Can’t Move Because of His $2.5K Court Bills! (VIDEO) — Exclusive

Credit: MTV

We are still just getting to know new cast 16 and Pregnant cast member Aleah, but we already really feel for her! The young mom seems like quite a responsible gal, hoping to budget her expenses enough so that she and baby daddy Shawn can move into their own place. Only problem? Shawn’s legal issues.

In this exclusive clip from MTV, the young couple meets for lunch to go over all of their bills and expenses, hoping that they can start saving up to move out. Aleah responsibly begins itemizing their budget, listing those glamorous essentials like phone bills, electric, etc.

During the inventory, the teen mom asks her man about his outstanding traffic tickets to see how much that will impact their finances. Astoundingly, Shawn reveals that he owes $2,500 to the courts!

“I’m not understanding why that is so ridiculously high for some speeding tickets,” Aleah replies. Neither can we, girl!

The most infuriating part of the issue has to be that the young dad didn’t pay his speeding tickets in time, which actually doubled the fine. Oh, teenagers.

“This definitely slows down the process of getting our own place,” Aleah points out, adding, “I’m really trying my hardest not to get mad about it.”

You’re a better woman than we are!

Make sure you catch an all-new 16 and Pregnant Monday, May 26 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

Can you believe that Shawn let the bills pile up? Tell us in the comments below.

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