Big Brother 16: Brittany Martinez Goes Home — Fourth HG Evicted!
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Big Brother 16: Brittany Martinez Goes Home — Fourth HG Evicted!

UPDATE: She kicked all those goals — 2,400 — for nothing. Sad. Brittany was evicted by a blowout vote. It was unanimous. Again. 10-0. Would someone please be bold in Week 5? Thanks in advance.

Brittany Martinez — the smokin’ hot mom of three who mentioned on the Big Brother 16 live feeds that her boyfriend is an actor who looks like an older version of Cody Calafiore — may be walking out the front door this Thursday, July 24.

Brittany has been on the other side of the dominant alliance from the start. She was never with The Bomb Squad and she’s not with The Detonators. She’s been on the block more than anyone else this season, but she’s also been saved before. It’s never over til it’s over (expect the unexpected!), but Cody is the current HOH, and he has Brittany as his target.

Week 4 started with Cody and Frankie Grande as HOHs, with Amber and Jocasta up against Brittany and Victoria. Victoria managed to save herself during the POV competition, and Cody planned to put Donny Thompson up as her replacement.

There was some last minute scrambling, as there always is, and Caleb Reynolds' name was mentioned as a good blindside target. Caleb actually volunteered to go up (again), not to go home but because he was so sure he’d be safe against Brittany. That idea was shot down, but Zach Rance also suggested himself at one point (after pushing for Caleb) because he’s bored and it would at least be interesting. But that was shot down too. Then Cody himself told people he’d put Caleb up, figuring he trusts Donny but does not trust Caleb. But that didn’t pan out either.

Donny was put up, with the assumption being that Brittany will go home. It was a weak move from Cody, but Cody is not playing his own game. He's clearly letting Derrick and Frankie steer the ship.

Poor Brittany has had a crap week. Not only is she the target of a guy she thought was her friend, she had a tough punishment in the POV comp — kicking 2,400 goals into a net in 24 hours. All for nothing? If it's Donny vs. Brittany, we have to back the Pop Tart-loving POV King. But if only it were Brittany vs. Caleb. That would've been a very different story. A wonderful underdog-catches-a-break story.


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07.21.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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