Big Brother 16: Will Christine Brecht Be Voted Out Next? (UPDATE)
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Big Brother 16: Will Christine Brecht Be Voted Out Next? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Yep, Christine was unanimously evicted during the Week 10 double eviction. And (cringe) she was booed by the live audience. Loudly. They even heard it inside the BB16 house and commented on how Christine was destroyed. Hopefully some of them (all of them?) will hear their share of boos too, when the time comes.

You know who — besides almost everyone — would be fine with Christine Brecht leaving the Big Brother 16 house this week? Her husband. And her mom. And the rest of her family. And Cody Calafiore’s sister. The only bad thing is if Cody follows her to the jury house, where the cameras aren’t following them all the time…

Anyway, Christine is a member of The Detonators, but the line between The Detonators, The Bomb Squad and The Floating World of Queen Victoria is getting very blurred. Christine and Frankie Grande (also a Detonator) are both major targets in Week 10 as we go into the Thursday, September 4 double eviction. Nicole Franzel is the target going home first, under Caleb Reynolds’ HOH. Caleb strongly considered backdooring Frankie this week, but he ultimately decided against it. (Weak Mode Cowboy.) So Nicole is essentially just a jury member hanging out in the BB house for another day or two. Eating slop.

The Copfather, Derrick Levasseur, is running the house and tries to be subtle about what he wants, but his two closest allies are Cody and Victoria Rafaeli and he’s fine with getting rid of Christine and Frankie after Nicole. Caleb is occasionally close to Frankie, but has shown he’s willing to cut ties. Christine is physically close (too close?) to Cody, but he also seems willing to cut ties with her, since it jeopardizes his alliance with Derrick. He will put D before C, when it comes to voting someone out. However, Cody is heavily pushing for Frankie to be evicted. Frankie is Cody's No. 1 target, possibly followed by Caleb. But Derrick gets what he wants and if he wants Christine gone next, that's it.

Big Brother 16: Will Christine Brecht Be Voted Out Next? (UPDATE)
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Victoria may just skate into the final four or beyond, even though there was a conversation earlier in Week 10 about voting out Victoria after Nicole in the double eviction. That vote seems to be changing to Christine or Frankie, most likely Christine since she isn’t protected by the bros (or Team America). Derrick, Cody and Caleb have said they want to be together in the end, but they may also see Victoria as their golden ticket. Derrick has been subtly mentioning how loyal Vic is to "them" (them being himself).

Here are the people left in the house at this point:

Christine Brecht

Cody Calafiore

Frankie Grande

Caleb Reynolds

Derrick Levasseur

Victoria Rafaeli

Nicole Franzel, bless her, doesn’t really count. One of the people above will win this season. Derrick is the best option of the bunch (the best options are in the jury house) but Christine is probably not going to win, even if she gets to the end. However, she could save herself into Week 11 if she wins either the double eviction HOH or POV. Follow all the drama here to find out what happens next.

Do you hope Christine is the next to go, or would you rather it be Frankie, Victoria, Caleb, Cody or Derrick? Will you laugh or cry if Victoria somehow wins the whole season?

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