Big Brother 16 Spoiler: Christine Voted Out in Double Eviction — Then Booed By Audience!
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Big Brother 16 Spoiler: Christine Voted Out in Double Eviction — Then Booed By Audience!

Derrick Levasseur continued to rule the Big Brother 16 house on Thursday, September 4 as the Head of Household in a double eviction that sent home his intended target. Boom. And boring. And yet, the super-fast double evictions are always fun — and who will really miss Christine Brecht? (Don’t answer that, Cody Calafiore.) We know the live audience members weren't fans, since Chris ended up the first BB16 Houseguest to hear a loud chorus of boos.

The HOH competition was called “What the Bleep” and The Copfather won it with embarrassing ease. How was he the only one to remember Donny Thompson’s sweet kisses line? Really?

Big Brother 16 Spoiler: Christine Voted Out in Double Eviction — Then Booed By Audience!
Credit: CBS    

Obviously, Derrick put up fellow Detonator Christine (his target) and Victoria Rafaeli (his pet, and the season’s floater pawn-in-residence). If Christine had won the Power of Veto, he would’ve put up Frankie Grande, as he also discussed earlier in the week. Then Frankie would’ve gone home instead. But the Frankie backdoor plan just never seems to materialize, does it. Is it coming soon?

The POV comp was called “Mazed and Confused” and Frankie won, just barely defeating Christine. Derrick pushed to keep the nominations the same, protecting Victoria. He and Frankie kissed each other's butts about making it to the final five. Derrick wanted to make sure he was protected next week, and he probably will be. The vote to evict Christine was unanimous, like everything else, even from Cody, her No. 1 flirtmate.

Will Christine's husband and family be relieved to see her leave the BB16 house or will they worry that Cody will just follow her for more private time? Christine didn't say goodbye to anyone on the way out and she got MASSIVE BOOS from the audience. Yikes. Too much or totally fair? Frankie said the boos were a sign that they made the right move. (Funny how he acted like he didn't care that America cheered so loudly for Donny and rejected Frankie's Team America mission.) More points to ponder: Do you think Frankie knew how close he came to leaving? Will he be the next to go anyway? Will Frankie's boos from the audience be even louder?

Derrick is playing an amazing game, no question, but is he that good or are they that bad? It’s a question that comes up a lot on Survivor when you have players like Boston Rob, Kim and Tom steamrolling people (often aspiring entertainment stars/recruits) who have no idea what they’re doing.

Anyway, follow what happens next in Week 11 over here. Who’ll follow Christine out the door? Victoria, the final girl in the game? Or is it finally time for a Bro to go? And how hard will the jury laugh when they see Christine join them? Do you think they'll all say "We told you so!" at the same time?