Big Brother 16: Donny Thompson Voted Out — But Invited on The Bold and the Beautiful!
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Big Brother 16: Donny Thompson Voted Out — But Invited on The Bold and the Beautiful!

UPDATE (8/28): Raise a Pop Tart for the king, everyone. Our Donny was evicted from BB16 on Week 9. As usual, it was unanimous. Farewell, Captain America. There is no team without you. Heck, there's barely a show without you. But good luck on The Bold and the Beautiful! During the Thursday, August 28 live show, Julie Chen mentioned that the soap opera wants to feature him. So Donny may not have his groundskeeper job at the moment, but he just picked up an acting gig. Now see what happens to Nicole & company in Week 10.

UPDATE (8/23): UGH! Donny did not win the Week 9 POV. HOH Cody won. So the nominations are staying the same: Donny vs. Nicole, with Donny as the target. Donny is probably heading to the jury. Pray for a miracle and follow the action here to see what happens. (Mini update: Twist! On Monday, Derrick started arguing for a Nicole blindside instead of evicting Donny, so ... King Donny may be saved. It's still not great news, since Nicole is awesome too, but at least there's a glimmer of hope for Donny. Keep following the action here to see who is evicted on August 28.)

UPDATE (8/22): Poor Donny just cannot catch a break — but at least he's not alone in Week 9. Nicole Franzel returned to the game after winning her way back from jury. But the joy was short-lived, since Cody won HOH on Thursday, August 21. He's putting up Donny and Nicole, with Donny as the target. So if Donny does not win POV, he is almost certainly going to jury. Follow the action here to see what happens this weekend. #SaveDonny

UPDATE (8/14): Donny was back on the block in Week 7, this time next to Nicole Franzel. He was originally next to Zach Rance, but Zach won POV. HOH Christine Brecht put Nicole next to Donny because her alliance (all the guys in the house) wanted to evict Nicole. Donny is safe into Week 8, even if the house doesn't seem to trust him. He and Nicole are probably the most trustworthy people in the house, but one left this week and the other will probably be in trouble in Week 8 (unless Derrick and Frankie decide to keep Donny around for more Team America missions). On the upside, whoever is voted out at this point does not go home — they go to the jury house and could potentially return to the game. Follow all the Week 7 drama here.

UPDATE (7/24): Well, he survived Week 4! As expected, Brittany was the HG evicted. It was unanimous. Donny was a pawn, without a single vote. But what about Week 5?

Donny Thompson is more than a Big Brother 16 houseguest. The Pop Tart-loving POV King is the first-born child of unicorn royalty. His beard was woven from tiny rainbows. He’s a Southern-accented angel.

Maybe that’s overstating it, but Saint Donny is now on the block in Week 4 — and even though he will still probably be safe, we’re feeling sad, scared and betrayed for him. Donny was named the replacement nominee by The Cowardly Lion Cody Calafiore, who has proven himself to be a weak puppet.

Either Donny or Brittany Martinez will be evicted this Thursday, July 24. It’s almost 100 percent certain that Brittany will be the one to go home, since she has been the target from the start, but we’re not fond of that option either. Brittany and Donny are two of The Good Ones.

There was a last-minute push to use Caleb Reynolds as the replacement nominee instead of Donny, but that didn’t work out. Cody even told Donny he wouldn’t go up, that he’d nominate Caleb instead. But Cody’s alliance-mates — specifically Derrick and Frankie — pushed for Donny to stay the replacement nominee, since Caleb could go home if he was up against Brittany. They need (or at least Derrick and Frankie need) Caleb as a number and Brittany is a threat to The Detonators.

Donny may be safe this week, but that’s only this week. If Brittany does leave, Donny will have to work hard to win the next HOH or hope that one of the few people on his side (Jocasta? Amber? maybe Victoria?) wins HOH and targets someone else.

Are you worried for Donny this week? Or maybe you wish he would go home over Brittany?

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07.21.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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