16 and Pregnant’s Summer Rewis Caught Her Baby Daddy Cheating!
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16 and Pregnant

16 and Pregnant’s Summer Rewis Caught Her Baby Daddy Cheating!

Did y'all check out this week's completely insane (by which we mean emotionally devastating) episode of 16 and Pregnant? Chances are you sobbed your way through the entire experience, and gasped when Georgia natives Summer and DJ Rewis welcomed a baby into the world at the tender age of 16. We were right there with you, y'all.

There's no doubt that Summer and DJ's episode was super-intense (especially because Summer's mom was high on Klonopin much of the time), but apparently their relationship took a turn for the dramatic once the cameras switched off.

According to a new report from RadarOnline.com, Summer recently caught her 18-year-old hubby with another broad! “I walked in and he had another bitch in my house,” Summer told fans on Ask FM. “Don’t worry, I whipped her ass. I got on that bitch [and] rocked her damn head.”

Um, go Summer? It's terrible that DJ was cheating on the mother of his child (what will Lil' Peyton think, buddy?), but it sounds like Summer took care of the issue. “She looked like she seen a damn ghost,” Summer mused. “Don’t worry, I got mine! She probably thinks I’m the most psychotic person she’s ever seen.”

So, is Summer going to divorce DJ? Not yet. Apparently, these two are "gonna try to work things out" — presumably for the sake of their kiddo. “He done it because he thought I was doing it,” she said. “He made a mistake. It’s not easy for me to let it go and I still haven’t, but we’re trying.”

Hopefully, Summer and DJ will be able to move on from his bout of cheating, but this dude has some serious amends to make. Summer isn't messing around...girlfriend is fiesty!

Are you surprised that DJ cheated? Let us know below!

Source: RadarOnline.com