16 and Pregnant’s Summer Rewis Catches Her Husband Cheating AGAIN!
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16 and Pregnant

16 and Pregnant’s Summer Rewis Catches Her Husband Cheating AGAIN!

Time to check in on 16 and Pregnant's Summer Rewis, because guys? We're so worried about this delicate flower. This girl's episode was emotionally challenging to say the least (probably because her mom was high on Klonopin for most of it), but fans were pleased to see that Summer had a great relationship with her baby daddy, DJ. Unfortunately, DJ recently cheated on his new bride...again.

Yep, hot off the heels of catching her 18-year-old hubby with another broad (we believe Summer's exact words were “I walked in and he had another bitch in my house"), Summer is once again dealing with DJ's infidelity. Apparently, DJ cheated with the same girl, and this time Summer took to the internet to share the news with fans.

“I went and picked him up at her house, She told me everything,” Summer said. “Coming home with a hickie on your neck is a great way to come home to your wife.”

Luckily, it looks like Summer isn't sticking with DJ this time around. "Like how you f—king another girl all week then come home to me and kiss me and say you love and miss me?" she tweeted on June 13.

We're shocked that DJ would cheat on Summer again, but let's not forget that this dude is only 18. He isn't exactly mature, and probably shouldn't have gotten married to Summer in the first place — despite the fact that they have a kid.

Stay tuned to Wetpaint Entertainment for news regarding Summer and DJ's impending split. Do you think they'll head to divorce court, or will they give their relationship another shot?!

Source: Teen Mom Truth