16 and Pregnant’s Reclaimed Virgins Break Up!
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16 and Pregnant

16 and Pregnant’s Reclaimed Virgins Break Up!

Please cast your mind back to 16 and Pregnant's insane fifth season — specifically the episode starring Courtney Ames and her boyfriend, Scott. These two were particularly notable thanks to the fact that they had a sexless relationship after the birth of their son, Dayton.

That's right, Courty and her man were reclaimed virgins (despite sexing up a storm and popping out a child), but it looks like they won't be consummating their love anytime soon.

The Ashley's Reality Roundup reports that these G-rated lovebirds have parted ways, and Courtney herself confirmed the split on Ask.com, saying, "I don’t want to marry Scott anymore. We tried…. I gave my everything and it kills me that Dayton is going to have a split family but I’d rather him have a happy momma.”

Courtney's insistence on abstinence presumably played a part in their split (if you remember, Scott wasn't enthused about the plan), but she also claims that they argued too much.

"We just are in two different places in our lives,” Courtney adds. “Once we began to argue in front of Dayton I knew it was time to call it off. We need to be happy in order to give our son a happy life.”

According to The Ashley, Courtney will move out of the home that she shares with Scott, and move in with her parents. Meanwhile, she and her baby daddy are waiting for Dayton to get surgery on his cleft lip in October.

Hopefully they'll perfect the art of co-parenting by then!

Source: The Ashley's Reality Roundup