16 and Pregnant\'s Lindsey Harrison: Where Is She Now? (PHOTO)
16 and Pregnant’s Lindsey Harrison: Where Is She Now? (PHOTO)
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16 and Pregnant’s Lindsey Harrison: Where Is She Now? (PHOTO)


The time has come to check in on everyone's favorite cage-fighter, Lindsey Harrison. Or, as we like to call her, Lil' Mama Linds. Last time we checked in on this gal, she was living in Nevada with her gorgeous daughter, Aniyah, and her goatee-d baby daddy, Forest Ponce. You know, that kid who wanted to breed dogs for a living? Yeah, him.

Lindsey and Forest are no longer together, but fear not! They get along swimmingly for the sake of their little girl. "Having a healthy mutual relationship with the father of your child even if your not together >>> fighting, court, child support," Lindsey tweeted on April 19.

We're thrilled that Linds and Forest get along so well, but unfortunately this gal is living on her lonesome, and she doesn't feel safe. In fact, she even armed herself with a hunting rifle –– yikes!

As far as we know, Lindsay still practices MMA fighting and hopes to open her very own lingerie store, but her biggest priority? Her family. In fact, Lindsay's close bond with her fam-fam is the main reason she won't be appearing on MTV's upcoming season of Teen Mom 3 (rumored to premiere in August 2013).

"My family hated filming, mainly forest," she said. "It wasn't worth the home drama. & the stress that goes with it."

We'll miss Lindsay on Teen Mom 3, but who has time for filming when there are more important things to be done? Like tattooing your stomach, rocking super '90s maxi skirts, and being completely badass!