Big Brother 16 Premiere Recap: Three Alliances, Grande HOH Twists — First Showmance?
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Big Brother 16 Premiere Recap: Three Alliances, Grande HOH Twists — First Showmance?

UPDATE: Here's the Night 2 recap, and here's a roundup of HOH Battle of the Block, nomination, and POV win spoilers!

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Next week? Tomorrow? How long do you think it will take Big Brother 16’s Paola Shea to flip on her El Quatro women’s alliance to get in bed with Cody Calafiore and his lickable ice cream abs? We’re going with already happened by now.

So what did you think of the BB16 premiere? Julie Chen promised it will be “the most twisted summer ever” and we’ve already seen a couple of twists — or at least hints to them. We've only met half the cast so far. The other half will show up tomorrow night (Thursday, June 26). There will also be two Heads of Household, at least for a little while, but by the end of the week we will be down to one. It’s like Survivor and Game of Thrones combined! The first HOH was Frankie Grande, who will probably mention every episode that he’s Ariana Grande’s brother. But will he live through the week?

Another twist is this Team America thing, where three HGs will be chosen by America to form a secret three-person alliance. We’ll get more details on that tomorrow. So far, though, we already have two main alliances and a two-person side alliance. All eight of the first HGs formed The Crazy Eights, and the women formed El Quatro. But Paola, who was actually the first to bring up the women’s alliance idea, already seems to be in the start of a showmance with Cody, so she may flip. Amber Borzotra also threw the first HOH challenge instead of trying to win it for the ladies. There’s also a new unnamed side alliance between Devin Shepherd and Donny Thompson; maybe it’s their alliterative first names, their wonderful vibe or the fact that they have yet to give their alliance a title, but this duo may actually last.

Donny already has our hearts, but who has your backing so far? Read on for a full recap, and don’t forget to come back tomorrow night at 9 p.m. ET for the second round!

Big Brother 16 Premiere Recap: Three Alliances, Grande HOH Twists — First Showmance?
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Meet the HGs … the First Eight Anyway

The hour started with Julie Chen rocking a red just-back-from-a-Hawaii-resort dress, introducing the new HGs, via classic video intros.

Paola Shea — Is living out the “let me take a selfie” dream. She’s a DJ from New York. She said it’s a man’s world and you have to have thick skin. She believes she does. She’s the leader of her crew, but she wants a lot of hot guys in the house ‘cause she’s going to rule all the men “even the ugly ones.” On that note…?

Donny Thompson —Is the only one in the cast over 40. He’s the groundskeeper for a school system and his Kevin Bacon number is pretty low since “the closest I’ve ever been to a famous person is I was Kellie Pickler’s janitor when she was in high school.” Don’t hold that against him, though, since his typical Donny day starts at 6 a.m. and he eats a Pop Tart, goes to work, then comes home and sleeps like a baby. He believes he’ll be smarter than the HGs think he is, but he’s still not as smart as he thinks he is. (????) Love this man already. Duck Dynasty meets Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons.

Cody Calafiore — Should’ve tried out for The Bachelorette instead. He used to be a pro soccer player. He thinks he’ll be strong in physical challenges. He’s close to his family. He’s single. Paola is going to eat him up like a Pop Tart.

Frankie Grande — Of the Skittle hair and personality was on Broadway for years and teaches dance to kids. He’s also the brother of “one of the most famous people on Earth.” Well it only took five seconds to get Ariana Grande. Frankie doesn’t plan to share this news with the other HGs. It’s a good thing he doesn’t look like her, ala Rachel and Elissa. Frankie has 1.2 million followers and he loves to post videos. He’s going to miss that in the house. He’s going to miss his sister too; he’s her biggest fan.

Amber Borzotra — Is smokin’ hot. She’s an athletic country girl and Paola may not like her since Cody is probably going to eat her up like a Pop Tart.

Nicole Franzel — Thinks she talks weird and kinda has an accent. She’s a Big Brother superfan, which is a good head start. She’ll lie if she needs to. Without glasses, would she look too much like Aaryn? And what’s with her fear of ghosts getting her?

Devin Shepherd — Is also smokin' hot. He’s a single dad. Melting. What a smile. People tell him he looks like The Rock but he thinks he looks better than The Rock. Melting stops.

Joey Van Pelt — She’s a very far left liberal. Ooooh, just wait till she meets Caleb. She wants hot liberal guys in the cast. She’s also pretty picky. The girls may fight over Devin.

Big Brother 16 Premiere Recap: Three Alliances, Grande HOH Twists — First Showmance?
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Get in the House, Y’all

The first four to enter the house are Cody, Amber, Donny and Joey. Cody immediately loves Donny’s accent. How long will Donny stay lovable, though? Is it just a first impression thing? The second four enter together: Nicole, Paola, Devin and Frankie. Nicole is like Jordan/Britney, she said she sometimes pees her pants when she laughs too hard or gets excited, so she’s worried about that. Hmm. The glasses are deceiving with this one. Frankie immediately loves Joey since they both have neon hair. Now Frankie just wants a camo pony — cue Donny!

Right out of the gate, Cody thinks “Pao Pao” (or Pow Pow?) is a little firecracker. So we already have showmances forming (is that a good thing?). Frankie was immediately worried that Paola as a NYC DJ might now Ariana and him. Enough with Ariana already. Nicole loves Donny as much as we do, and she thinks they might both be out of place because everyone else there is louder. (Everyone on BB is always dialed up at least two unnecessary notches.) Donny also loves Nicole but he can’t remember her name. Just call her Four-Eyed Blonde.

Pao Pao loves Cody, but so does Frankie. They both think Cody is pretty. Devin got “awwws” for the single dad thing. That is such a useful card. As expected, the ladies like him, especially Amber. My heaven are they a gorgeous couple. Oh but JOEY is Devin’s type. She’s his "10." Already a twist in the mix. But please, don’t turn this into a season of showmances. McCranda put us off that for awhile.

The Crazy Eights Is Born

They form a house meeting right away to try and keep this original eight together. Devin seems to be one of the leaders on this thought, but Joey is unsure, since she doesn’t even know them yet. Good call on her part. Don’t just align with people because they exist. But say yes to the idea anyway! They call themselves The Crazy Eights. This alliance will not last. If it does, how dull. Who will be the first to jump ship, though? That remains to be — oh, wait the hot young men start stripping and doing crunches. Maybe Donny should jump ship because this just doesn’t seem to be his scene, bless him.

Donny and Devin have a convo, and Donny reveals he’s seen every season of BB. Devin tells Donny he trusts him, based on apparently nothing. He wants a side alliance in addition to The Crazy Eights, and he wanted to go with someone unexpected. Smart. Donny is flattered and feels like he won the best beard contest at the county fair. Lifelong dream!

El Quatro Is Born

Meanwhile, Paola seems jealous of Cody and Frankie playing chess and possibly “sharing each other’s lipstick.” She doesn’t want side alliances, she wants this year to be all about the women. OK, well, maybe stop flirting. And you missed the one with Double D. Paola, Amber, Joey and Nicole talked about forming a women’s alliance, but this has been discussed before. It would be great for it to stick but … we’ll see. Paola changes her tune from a guymance this season to a girlmance. Paola wants to give America hope that girls can work together. We may need to get that hope from outside BB, but good luck to these ladies! They decide to form an alliance called El Quatro. Will they include ladies from the second half of the cast, introduced tomorrow?

By the way, it takes no time at all for Paola to admit she wants to go straight to bed with Cody. This El Quatro alliance is going to be Tres pretty soon.

Big Brother 16 Premiere Recap: Three Alliances, Grande HOH Twists — First Showmance?
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Who Will Be the First HOH?

One of them will be the first Head of Household. That person will get his or her own suite and get to nominated two HGs. But they won’t be safe, unlike in past seasons. For the first time, just because you’re Head of Household, it doesn’t mean you’re safe.

The First HOH competition involves surfboards and sandcastles. But Frankie knows (pun alert) it’s not going to be an ordinary day at the beach. Nicole also knows with the twist it may not even be a good thing to win HOH. Amber wants the girls to win since she already feels very loyal to this new El Quatro alliance. Donny wants to win since he’s the oldest and he pretty much stands out like a sore thumb.

Paola was the first one to fall out of the rolling balance competition. Joey was the second HG to fall. At that point, they sprayed the HGs with sunscreen. Nicole fell next. Joey openly supported Amber, the last woman standing (maybe she shouldn’t have shouted that) but Paola — who came up with the women’s alliance — couldn’t take her eyes off Cody’s abs. Find your willpower, lady! The log roll changed direction after that, making it more difficult. Donny fell after that, then Devin. Cody fell next, then when it was down to Amber or Frankie, Amber intentionally threw it, worried that HOH might not be safe. Bad idea? Never intentionally lose a challenge, especially out of the gate! Come on.

So Frankie won, by default. As he celebrated, “Go Grande or go home!” Then he admitted he’s the most nervous HOH in history, since … who knows what this means. He asked everyone to have his back, and they agreed. He doesn’t want them to turn on him, but they now have that option. He’s “freaking the Frankie out.” Is this guy awesome or annoying? Can you tell yet?

What’s the HOH Twist?

The Big Brother motto is “expect the unexpected” and Frankie needed some important intel from Julie: A second group of eight HGs will be joining them. One person will also become HOH, so there will be two Heads of Household. (Like a king and queen!) But by the end of the week, only one HOH will be left standing. Dun dun DUN!

They’re already scrambling, which is just where we want them.

Team America Twist

Online at, viewers were able to vote for the HG with whom we’d like to form an alliance. The winner, already determined, will be the first member of a secret three-person alliance controlled by America. It has to be Frankie, he’s the most known. That’s pretty much how it worked with Elissa last season. We’ll find out tomorrow night. Viewers will continue to vote to add more HGs in the alliance. Throughout the summer we’ll send them on secret missions to change the course of the game.

Where Are the Live Feeds?

No live feeds tonight. The live feeds will start after Thursday's (June 26) episode, beginning at 10 p.m. PT/1 a.m. ET. BB alum Jeff Schroeder is doing a "Big Brother All-Nighter" where he live tweets the first 16 hours of the feeds, so you can follow him for his take on things once the feeds are up tomorrow: @jeffschroeder23.

What are your thoughts on the premiere? Good group so far? Liking the twists? Worried for Frankie as the first HOH? Dreading another showmance or liking the potential of Cody/Paola (aka Pow Pow)? Do you think any of these alliances will last the summer?

Big Brother 16 will return Thursday, June 26 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.