Big Brother 16 Recap: Second HOH — Caleb Vs. Frankie in Battle of the Block!
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Big Brother 16 Recap: Second HOH — Caleb Vs. Frankie in Battle of the Block!

UPDATE: Get Battle of the Block, nominations, and POV spoilers right now, right over here!

Original story:

Big Brother 16 just finished its big two-night premiere. Last night, Frankie Grande — the very Broadway (as Zach blurted) performer with pink hair who gushed over cute Cody — was named the first Head of Household. Tonight (Thursday, June 26), Caleb Reynolds — the guy who called President Obama a "Muslim monkey" while also posting a gay slur on Instagram — won the second Head of Household. They will now share a suite. Liberal vs. conservative. Left vs. right. The producers must be in heaven. Or hell, if they're worried about a repeat of BB15's controversy.

But don’t worry, 'cause Frankie plans to tame the Caleb beast. We'll see! (At least one fan out there is already shipping "Crankie.")

Caleb is scary intense — especially when he cackles with maniacal glee as BBQ sauce drips down his face like blood. (#TheShining) It’ll be interesting to see whom the two HOHs put up as their total of four nominees for eviction, since one of this season’s many twists was explained: In The Battle of the Block, Frankie’s two nominees will battle Caleb’s two nominees and the winning duo will not only be safe, their victory will dethrone the HOH who nominated them. As a result, the HOH could go home.

So you really want your nominees to lose, but it could definitely backfire. It’ll require some complicated strategy, so this could be interesting. There's also the question, as Ian Terry tweeted, of what happens when they both want to nominate the same person/people. (There’s also the Team America thing happening on the side. It was revealed that Joey Van Pelt was picked as the first member of that secret side alliance, which will go on missions or whatever.)

Anyway, who will Caleb and Frankie nominate? Which side will win? The live feeds start tonight, so we can listen in as the HGs discuss what to do. What would you do?

Meet the Other Eight HGs!

At the start of the second night, Julie Chen rocked a hot pink-ish cocktail dress and reiterated that this will be the most twisted summer ever. (Don’t force it, Jules. Just let it happen.) Then she introduced the final eight Houseguests, who had no idea they were late to the party. Poor dears.

Victoria Rafaeli — Owns her own photography business, which is her passion. She was born in Israel and moved here at age 8. It’s easy for her to manipulate guys, she says. She knows she’ll win because “Victoria gets what Victoria wants.” Sigh.

Caleb Reynolds — Considers himself to be “a metrosexual country boy.” He does a lot of huntin’.

Brittany Martinez — Is just coming out of a 10-year marriage. She has three kids. She might be too normal for this.

Big Brother 16 Recap: Second HOH — Caleb Vs. Frankie in Battle of the Block!
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Christine Brecht — Cried when she got her key and did a boob shake when revealing she’s a barista. She’s married to the love of her life, although he wasn’t what she was looking for. She used to like short fat hairy guys (?) but she ended up marrying the tallest, skinniest guy in Tucson. She seems WAY overcaffeinated already. Will she and Frankie be besties? She loooooooves to be naked, too. Richard Hatch, this is the BFF for you. She said she doesn’t like “pretentious women.” What about pretentious men, like Zach?

Derrick Levasseur — Says people think he looks like a college kid but he’s a police officer. He worked undercover for years.

Zach Rance — Just graduated and is unemployed. He hangs out and plays golf with his little brother. “I don’t need friends because all I care about is myself.” Bless him. Bless his little heart. He did get punched in his face once for telling someone exactly what he thought of them. Expect that to happen again. But he has to behave, because his grandmother is watching.

Jocasta Odom — And her bow ties are ministers and motivational speakers. She has two awesome boys, and God made her an awesome mom. Jesus has her back. (Don’t play favorites, God.) She’s also done a lot of things, and done a lot of people, men and women. (?!)

Hayden Voss — Is closer to Fabio from Survivor than Hayden Moss of Big Brother. He’s a goofy funny pedicab driver who believes he will get along with everyone. He got straight As in school and was on the dean’s list. He thinks he’ll be underestimated.

Julie lays down the law for the newbs, saying there are already eight HGs inside, but one of them will be HOH 2.0, at least for a little while.

Get in the House, Y’all!

The first four to go in are Jocasta, Christine, Caleb and Hayden. They meet the other HGs right away. Christine is a superfan and immediately fangirls. Caleb thinks Amber is hot and sexy. “Amber is taking a big bite of my cake right now.” Showmance No. 2? Jocasta just wonders where she’s sleeping, and who she’s sleeping with. Hayden compares Devin to The Rock, Amber to Whitney Houston, and Cody to John Travolta. Hayden and Donny should bond, or maybe Nicole and Hayden can compare ditziness. Devin smartly realizes he has to be nice to these people because he may need them. Yes, but don’t make it too obvious.

The final four go into the house and the screeching welcomes begin again. Zach hates everyone right out of the gate, but Victoria and Frankie adore each other because they both love pink. Sometimes it’s that simple. Frankie said he loves him a cartoon princess, and that’s basically Victoria. Alliances have been born from less. Nicole feels like the chemistry is already changing and she’s worried that the alliances they formed will crumble. Yeah, sorry sweetie. Brittany is even more nervous because she realizes so much of the game has already been played. She asks who is HOH already and talks to Frankie. At least she has her head in the game. Caleb, Derrick and company believe it’s two separates teams, us vs. them. Two tribes.

The newbies introduce themselves around the roundtable. Paola (Pow Pow) thinks Jocasta, as a minister, may not be ready for all the BB shenanigans. Victoria believes she’s the hottest one there. Debatable. Joey and Christine love each other right out of the gate. Good! Derrick says he’s a recreation coordinator, hiding that he’s a police officer. Donny, God love him, can’t even remember the first group he came in with, never mind everyone else. It’ll take all of us a while, buddy. Cody can’t believe three kids came out of Brittany’s “ridiculous body.” Frankie is worried about Caleb not getting him and vice versa. Yes. Worry. Although, Frankie will probably be more popular within the group, so Caleb should probably worry more.

Big Brother 16 Recap: Second HOH — Caleb Vs. Frankie in Battle of the Block!
Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.    

In-House Bonding

Victoria and Frankie bonded right away. They head into a private room to talk strategy. He wants Victoria to win the second HOH. They want to work together, which is probably good for her since he probably won the Team America thing, which should give him even more power.

Paola and Caleb talk about romance, sort of. Caleb said Kentucky guys are good old Southern, romantic people. He believes he reads people so well. Paola said Caleb is cocky, intense and worrisome. He’s going to try to knock out the other big ego in the house, which is herself. Girl, good for you, but there are multiple big egos in the house. Only one will win.

Donny impresses everyone with his cricket impression. That’s how bored they are already. He said he did it to distract everyone. He wants them to say Donny sure is funny, as opposed to Donny is good at the game. At this point, no one is in the verge of saying Donny is good at the game. As expected, there’s a kid person bonding session, between Derrick and Brittany. He’s winning to provide a better life for his wife and family.

There’s also a non-bonding session between Zach and Frankie. Zach knows Frankie’s old school, and what kids from that school are like. It’s a rich kid’s snobby high school. Frankie, that’s why you LIE. If you know you went to a rich person’s school, don’t mention it. And don’t mention being in Mamma Mia. Zach came in “super abrasive” about how Broadway Frankie is, which was dumb, but that’s probably going to happen a lot with Zach. He’s proud of how annoying he can be. But he ticked off the first HOH, making Frankie’s decision easy. Not that we know how the decisions will play out yet. But Frankie shouldn’t have told him about the school or the Broadway success,‘cause he gave Zach “this guy already has money” ammunition.

Who Will Be the Second HOH?

It’s a different competition from the standing log-roll. This one is called “Over the Coals.” Hold onto the BBQ spit and you get the second HOH spot, next to King Frankie. He wanted Victoria to win … but she was too pretty to black out from the heat and spinning, so she was the first one out. She missed the BBQ sauce, though, so that’s a bonus for her. They got drenched. Brittany was next out. Derrick realized Caleb is a beast a competitions, and an animal. He looked freaky cackling with laughter as blood-colored sauce poured on his face. Jocasta was next. Christine was next. All the girls were gone, probably because you needed long reach to get around the spit. Zach was the next out. Derrick didn’t win, he thinks he showed that he’s strong but not a threat and he’ll have no blood on his hands this week. It was down to Caleb The Beast vs. Hayden the Non-Surfer.

Will we have a natural rivalry of Frankie vs. Caleb — liberal vs. conservative? Yep. Caleb was even doing disco moves up there, he’s that cocky. Winner: Caleb. Devin wants to team up with the Caleb beast so he doesn’t have to go against him. Frankie also wants to work with Caleb. “He’s a lion and I’m going to be his tamer.” It’s a plan, anyway! We’ll see.

Big Brother 16 Recap: Second HOH — Caleb Vs. Frankie in Battle of the Block!
Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.    

HOH Twist Explained, Plus Battle of the Block!

Julie explains the twist: Every week two HOHs will be crowned. Each HOH will nominated two houseguests for eviction. When nominations are over, four of them will be in jeopardy of going home. Also, in a Big Brother first, they will have a new competition called The Battle of the Block. This week, Frankie’s nominees will battle Caleb’s two nominees and the winning duo will not only be safe, their victory will dethrone the HOH who nominated them, sending him back into the pool of regular HGs. Paola deemed it the craziest twist in HOH history. For the first time, you could go from HOH to being evicted.

First Team America Alliance Member

Apparently America already voted for the first member of Team America. It’s Joey! We figured it’d be Frankie, since he has A FAMOUS SISTER (but, to his credit, he didn’t mention her … or they just didn’t air it) but it’s the other person with neon hair. (Was the HOH not eligible?) America has nominated her for a secret alliance, and she and two other HGs will go on secret missions. They’ll get $5,000 for them! Joey thanked America. She accepts the mission. How ‘bout that! Who will be the other two in the alliance? Go to to vote for the second member of Team America. The winner will be revealed during the next live show.

Who will be the first FOUR nominees? Who will win the first Battle of the Block? What do you want to happen?

Big Brother 16 returns Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS.