Big Brother 16 Spoiler: Frankie Grande Learns His Grandfather Died, Writes Eulogy (VIDEO)
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Big Brother 16 Spoiler: Frankie Grande Learns His Grandfather Died, Writes Eulogy (VIDEO)

People who go on Big Brother know that they’re signing their lives away for the entire summer — meaning no contact at all with the outside world. But for the second time ever in the game, producers have broken the rules and revealed big news from the outside. The first time it was the 9/11 tragedy. This time? News that contestant Frankie Grande’s grandfather passed away.

When producers broke the news about Grandpa Grande’s death to Frankie, delivering a letter from his family — including little sis Ariana Grande — the entire house gathered around him in support. The news not only hit Frankie hard, but also his pals inside the house, notably cuddle buddy Zach Rance.

Frankie informed his fellow houseguests that he was going to write a eulogy for his grandfather in hopes that the video message would be able to be shown at the funeral. In the Head of Household bedroom, Frankie got all dressed up — including a bow tie — and said some pretty sweet things about his gramps.

“I gotta do this for my grandfather,” Frankie said. “Thanks for being the greatest role model a grandson could ever have. Time to go win Big Brother.”

But then Frankie’s heartfelt message shifted to being about the rest of his family. “I hope everyone watching supports my family because I’m stuck in here. Have my sister’s back,” he pleaded. “All the Arinators and Frankensteins, thanks for all the support. I put all my faith in your hands!”

Later on, Frankie opened up to Zach about why he decided to stay in the game — other than it being his grandfather’s wish for him to sweat it out. “I have so much support,” he told Zach. “They would have never told me to stay if they weren’t OK."

There you have it, folks. History has been made in the Big Brother house and Frankie has paid his respects to his grandfather. Here’s hoping he can rebound to continue playing a strong game and walk away with the $500K at the end of the season.

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