Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Caleb vs. Devin Over Amber, Brittany — Bomb Squad Blows Up?
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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Caleb vs. Devin Over Amber, Brittany — Bomb Squad Blows Up?

UPDATE: After their fight, Caleb and Devin talked it out, then they held a Bomb Squad alliance meeting in the HOH room, with Devin telling everyone the deal is to protect each other until jury. After that, they had the POV comp and Devin won. Now he either has to secure the votes to evict Brittany (which was his plan) or go with what his alliance wants, which may be to save Brittany. Head over here for updates...

UPDATE 2: Ultimately, Devin saved Brittany and put up Zach. Zach exposed the Bomb Squad when he was named the replacement nominee. Everybody scrambled and it's now Zach vs. Paola for eviction. Next week, though, Devin seems to be a target. Not only has he gone back on his word several times, he's now obsessed with Brittany. His crush on her is as big as Caleb's crush on Amber. Devin told Brittany about it, too. She had said previously on the live feeds that she was dating some famous actor, but even if she weren't, Devin would never have a shot. He and Caleb are straight creepy.

UPDATE 3: Everything old is new again! Devin has once again left the Bomb Squad. He put Zach up to go home, promising Paola would be safe. But apparently he has zero influence since the House is now leaning toward saving Zach. Derrick convinced Caleb to call a truce with Zach, and Devin didn't like hearing that. He exposed the Bomb Squad to anyone who didn't already know about it, including Brittany, who felt betrayed by her buddy Derrick. She thought they were close. So Devin is out of the squad and knows he's in trouble in the future. There may not even be a Bomb Squad anymore, since most of the alliance members don't actually trust each other.

Original story:

Lawd, these Big Brother 16 alpha males are emotional basket cases.

It’s only a matter of time before Devin Shepherd and Caleb Reynolds turn on each other. They just had a blow-out in the second week of BB16 — with Devin telling Caleb the alliance was over. That would certainly hurt The Bomb Squad (and ruin its attempt at secrecy) but these two are so fourth-grade, it’s akin to one saying he wants to take his ball and go home. It may not be a permanent split.

It would be great if it was a big break, though, since the Caleb/Devin/Amber situation is already getting borderline Twilight.

Caleb and Devin are basically controlling the house. Caleb was Week 1 HOH and Devin is Week 2 HOH. He seemed to control Amber Borzotra’s HOH nominees, before she was dethroned, and Amber has been complaining about Devin’s micromanagement. Everyone has been complaining about Devin’s habit of telling everyone what to do, but will they do anything about it next week?

Caleb and Derrick Levasseur had a little talk about Devin, and Caleb decided to confront Devin himself. Caleb said a lot of people in the house would prefer to keep Brittany Martinez around over Paola Shea (they are Devin’s two HOH nominees), feeling like Devin is targeting Brittany for personal reasons. (That’s probably true, but Brittany is also a threat to Devin since she’s one of the rare people willing to stand up to him and probably put him up as a nominee.)

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Caleb vs. Devin Over Amber, Brittany — Bomb Squad Blows Up?
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Devin turned it around and said that was Amber getting in Caleb’s head and telling him what to do. (Also partly true, since Caleb can’t shut up about this one-sided love story. He was even walking around with her baby blanket.)

The talk ended with Devin saying the whole alliance is done. Caleb said Devin will probably be going home next week. But the door is also open for Caleb to be back-doored this week, if Brittany wins POV.

There was also talk of backdooring Victoria, but if this break is serious they could take out Caleb. But the rest of the alliance doesn’t seem to want that to happen. Devin wants Caleb to come to him and apologize. But Devin is determined for Brittany to go, and Caleb even worried that Devin would take Paola off the block and replace her with Amber, just to make sure Brittany went home.

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Caleb vs. Devin Over Amber, Brittany — Bomb Squad Blows Up?
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Meanwhile, everyone else has been muttering about the two alpha males, but they are better off just dumping them as soon as possible. Not only are they physical threats, they are the most emotional crybabies. They can’t be trusted to make logical decisions, or stick to anything they say for longer than a few minutes. They have seriously both cried more than anyone else in the house.

Plus, Caleb is completely delusional about Amber, and Devin has already pulled a 180 on getting rid of Donny Thompson and also threatened to leave when his big emotional house meeting speech was not well received. (Never forget: #devinhasadaughter) If they were women, people would roll their eyes about their estrogen levels. Instead, people just whisper behind their backs.

At this point, a split between Caleb and Devin is probably worse for Devin, because a lot of Houseguests were looking for a way to get rid of him, and now they can try to backdoor him (next week anyway) without getting Caleb mad. That’s assuming Caleb and Devin stay mad at each other and don’t hug it out, pretending nothing ever happened.

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Caleb vs. Devin Over Amber, Brittany — Bomb Squad Blows Up?
Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.    

As the sun now stands, it looks like Brittany will be the second HG evicted, but not if the house stands up to Devin and asserts that they want Brittany to stick around because she’s ready to help them ditch Devin.

The rest of the HGs aren’t united or anything, they are also turning on each other with their own whispers and mini alliances. It’s an interesting group, and at least a few of them seem pretty aware of what’s happening — even Frankie Grande’s habit of being in every conversation has been noticed, whereas last year the BB15 HGs seemed to have no clue that Andy Herren was in everyone’s ear.

Follow more of the drama here at Big Brother Daily.

In related news, BB Daily has two polls out: One asking whom voters want to win Power of Vote, and another asking voters to name their favorite houseguest of Week 2. Brittany is winning the POV poll and Donny is the favorite of this week. Have to agree on both accounts.

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