Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Frankie Grande Voted Out? (UPDATE: Yep!) (VIDEO)
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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Frankie Grande Voted Out? (UPDATE: Yep!) (VIDEO)

UPDATE (9/16/14): Yep, Frankie was evicted in Week 12. The only two people who could vote - Cody and Derrick - voted to evict Frankie. You kinda have to feel sorry for him, no? Maybe not. He did this same thing to others. (Zach will remember.) But there were no boos for him. Christine was booed but not Frankie. Fair? Not fair?

UPDATE (9/14/14): Frankie is back on the block in Week 12, thanks to the rewind button. He won HOH and POV in the original Week 11 comps, but when they redid everything, he lost both. Now he's on the block and only a miracle could save him. Follow the Week 12 action here to see if he does manage to work a miracle. It's more likely that Team America will be down to one member after Tuesday's show - and that TA member is most likely to win the whole season.

UPDATE (9/2/14): It's been a while since Frankie *Social Media Mogul* Grande was a serious target on BB16, but he may be in trouble during the Week 10 double eviction. Nicole is definitely headed back to the jury under Caleb's HOH, but what happens during the lightning round? If Frankie does not win HOH, he is almost certainly going on the block. He may sit next to Christine, unless she's the one who wins HOH. Cody is gunning hard for Frankie to be evicted, so if Cody is the double eviction HOH, it's bad news for Frankie (unless Ariana's bro saves himself with the Power of Veto). Derrick seems to be gunning for Christine over Frankie, but if Christine is safe, he's fine with sending Frankie to the jury house. So it's most likely going to be either Christine or Frankie who is evicted after Nicole in the Week 10 double dump. Victoria will live to float another day. Follow the action here to see who is indeed the unlucky double dump victim on Thursday, September 4.

Original post:

Zankie fans are panicking in Big Brother 16, Week 6, 'cause Zach Rance is on the block and Head of Household Nicole Franzel has made it clear her real target is Frankie Grande. He's her No. 1 backdoor plan for the first of Thursday, August 7's double evictions. Talk about a "Problem"! (Sorry, Ariana. Couldn’t resist.)

Zach called Nicole a Fruit Loop Dingus last week when nominating her, so she returned the favor this week with her own nomination speech dissing him as unworthy of super-villain status. Good for her. But Nicole knows Frankie is the real threat. Zach is great TV, but Frankie is a great social, strategic and physical player. He's everyone's best friend and he's everywhere in the house at all times (like Andy Herren, who just won the last season). Good for her, once again, for noticing it.

As the sun now stands, Zach and Jocasta Odom are on the block. Christine Brecht won Power of Veto, and even though she claims to be Nicole's friend, she's been sharing a lot of whispers and lies this week. (There’s more than one Andy in this house.) Her plan seems to be the keep the nominations the same, but that will be confirmed on Monday, August 4 when the POV ceremony is held.

If she changes her mind and decides to save Jocasta or Zach, then Nicole could put up Frankie for a backdoor move. But it's more likely that Christine will protect herself and keep the noms the same. That could still be bad news for Zankie, since Zach could go home. The house is not of one mind on that at this point (Sunday), but keep up with the action over here and pray to Zingbot that your favorite HG, whoever that is, survives the week.

Do you want Ariana Grande's brother to survive this week's double dump, or is it time for "Fakie" to walk out the door?

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