Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Joey Van Pelt Voted Out — First Houseguest Evicted!
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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Joey Van Pelt Voted Out — First Houseguest Evicted!

Big Brother 16 just dropped down to one neon-haired Houseguest. Joey Van Pelt — who was named the first member of the Team America alliance, much good that it did her — was the first HG evicted in 2014.

It was a unanimous vote. Hopefully not the first of many. (Unanimous votes are so boring. Grow a pair, HGs!)

Joey ended up on the block for a couple of reasons, but the most maddening was the idea that she tried and failed to launch an all-women alliance. The nerve! To start an alliance the same way men do! Since she got zero takers on that idea, you’d think that would show her to be pretty much powerless in the house. (She also outed her own attempt and apologized for it, which was a double fail). But the men in the house (specifically Devin Shepherd and Caleb Reynolds) turned the tables on her and she had to go.

Joey didn’t do herself to many favors to break out “Alex,” her male alter ego, who raced around the house as a dude. It was kind of awesome, to attempt a feminist stand, but … wrong place, wrong time. At least she got a round of applause from the otherwise bored HGs, but that’s all she got.

At least Nicole Franzel and Victoria Rafaeli heard Joey’s message — that the men are running the house, and the HGs should vote how they want to vote, not how Caleb/Devin decide — but Paola Shea recognized that “Alex” was good news for her, since it just made Joey look “crazy.”

The entire house was on board with evicting Joey (she told Julie Chen she was surprised the vote was unanimous), but what about the next boot? Will they turn the tables on Devin/Caleb, since they are recognized as running the house. Will they ever target Frankie Grande/Zach Rance — aka Zankie — since they seem to be secretly running The Bomb Squad alliance?

UPDATE: Find out who won Week 2 HOH and the plan for nominees, etc. Not happy about this!

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