Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Nicole Franzel Voted Out — Again
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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Nicole Franzel Voted Out — Again

UPDATE 4: In Week 10, Nicole was evicted. Again. By a unanimous vote. Again. It wasn't fun. Again. At least she'll be happy about the HG who followed her out the door. Find out what happens next in Week 11 over here.

UPDATE 3: Wow, Nicole really has not had much success in her return. She has yet to win a single comp and the other HGs are going out of their way to make it clear they don't want to work with her. So why is she so threatening, again? She's on the block once again in Week 10 and she did not win POV. The only thing that can save her is if HOH Caleb makes a big move with the replacement nominee. Find out if it happens over here.

UPDATE 2: She's baaaaack! Nicole won her way back into the game when the first four jury members competed for that coveted honor. Nicole beat Jocasta, Hayden and the newly evicted Zach. Follow the Week 9 action here to see if she survives into Week 10.

UPDATE 1: Yes, Nicole was evicted in Week 7. Try not to stagger back from shock, but it was a unanimous eviction. So rare this season, right? Eye roll. Follow the new Week 8 drama here

Poor little Froot Loop Dingus slay queen Nicole Franzel. She deserves better, but she’s set to be the eighth person evicted from Big Brother 16.

What a roller coaster Week 7 has been for her. She lost her showmance buddy, Hayden Voss, then blew up the house with some truth bombs, then won Head of Household. That was all on Thursday. Zach Rance kissed her butt and she seemed to make peace with her frenemy and fellow HOH Christine Brecht. But while still stung from her Christine betrayal — from her previous pre-double evic HOH when Zach was supposed to go — Nicole admitted she’d be willing to backdoor Christine if her true target (once again, Frankie Grande) won himself off the block.

That statement was twisted by Zach and Caleb (Nicole never made a backdoor deal with Caleb for throwing the comp, the plan was always to ditch "Fakie") but it's part of why Nic is now most likely to go to jury on the Thursday, August 14 live show. Another part is the threat from the guys — who are clearly running the house — that no one wants to tell Christine anything because they see she’s close to Nicole. So if Nicole stays around, Christine loses her Detonator allies. An HOH should never let herself be intimidated like that, but this is not the strongest, most independent-minded group.

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Nicole Franzel Voted Out — Again
Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.    

How did we get to this point?

Beast Mode Nonsense had volunteered to throw the Battle of the Block to keep Frankie the target and everyone was fine with Christine going up if *Ariana Grande's brother* somehow won Power of Veto. But then Christine stayed HOH and the story completely changed. Zach won himself off Christine’s block with the POV and Christine needed to nominate someone to sit next to Donny Thompson. Her original plan was Victoria Rafaeli, but Dastardly Derrick wants to save Victoria in his back pocket and what Derrick wants Derrick gets. Derrick and Cody Calafiore are a team and they are stringing Victoria and Christine along since Victoria is under D’s wing and Christine is creepily close with Cody (even though she’s married).

Plus, Donny is part of Team America, and Derrick and Frankie probably want to use him for any upcoming missions they feel are worth their time. (If Donny is ever really in danger, he should just blow up TA to the house.)

Christine was told about Nicole wanting to backdoor her fellow glasses girl, even if that was never Nic's actual plan. (Zach was so nice to Nicole at the start of the week, now he’s selling her down the river.) The guys said enough to convince Christine to put up her friend Nicole, so now Nicole is most likely going home.

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Nicole Franzel Voted Out — Again
Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.    

It’s a dumb move for Christine.

Yes, Nicole was angry at Christine at her Detonator betrayals but she also admitted she had no one else in the house. Christine should’ve kept Nicole around the way Derrick and Cody are keeping Victoria and Christine. Victoria felt betrayed by Derrick when she found out he had side alliances but he diffused that bomb in no time. Christine could’ve easily reeled Nicole back in, and Nicole is a good ally to have in the house since she tends to win competitions and she’s not afraid to put up big targets. She could be the bad cop to Christine’s good cop.

But Christine is just doing what the boys want, because this is a Bro Show for sho. She may get a few days further in the game, but she no longer has a shot at winning.

Ironically, the cute little bespectacled blonde who cried a lot and sucked face in a showmance turned out to be one of the ballsiest players in the game. But BB16 does not reward bold women. It does not seem to like women at all, since we’re looking at six girls voted out at this point (Joey, Paola, Brittany, Amber, Jocasta, soon Nicole), and just two boys (Devin, Hayden).

The silver lining is that likable Donny is set to stay in the house, but he was friends with Nicole and he won’t be happy to see her go. It would’ve been nice to see one of the d-bag dinguses leave the house, but that’s not the way the cookie crumbled.

Follow the rest of the Week 7 action here. Are you sorry to see Nicole go? Do you think she could win her way back into the house, or is that spot reserved for a production favorite?

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