Big Brother 16 Week 10: Caleb HOH; Christine Won POV; Nicole, Victoria on Block; Nicole Evicted Second Time
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Big Brother 16 Week 10: Caleb HOH; Christine Won POV; Nicole, Victoria on Block; Nicole Evicted Second Time

Craaaaaaaaap. That pretty much sums up Big Brother 16 Week 10 so far. (Except for the "overwhelming" no to apple pie/Team America diss, and Christine and Cody being called out by their families. Zing!) Week 10 just started, but on the Thursday, August 28 live show, Donny Thompson was evicted and Caleb Reynolds won Head of Household. Now we have to panic for Nicole Franzel, arguably the last BB16 Houseguest worth rooting for.

So who will be evicted on Thursday, September 4, following Joey, Paola, Devin, Brittany, Amber, Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole, Zach and Donny? It's going to be another double eviction, so ... there are two chances for Nicole to be saved or head back to jury. (See below for updates)

The "Sloppy the Snowman" Head of Household competition started toward the end of the August 28 live show. It was an endurance(ish) comp that lasted for over two hours and included many falls. At one point, apparently realizing he wasn't going to win HOH, Derrick switched his focus to the 5,000 Dollas & 5,000 Hollas jar and won the money and punishment. Hearing "holla" all the time is going to be annoying, but hopefully every time the HGs hear it they'll remember how Derrick put himself first instead of fighting for his alliance. He also volunteered to be a Have Not, but the HGs should take note of how safe he felt and how he went for the money instead of continuing to fight like everyone else. Ultimately, Caleb won HOH, with Christine following him and Frankie behind her.

Big Brother 16 Week 10: Caleb HOH; Christine Won POV; Nicole, Victoria on Block; Nicole Evicted Second Time
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It's not great news, and not just because Caleb will surely put Nicole on the block. He'll also probably gloat about how "Beast Mode Cowboy" won the endurance comp because he's such an amazing beast, etc. Caleb is still close to Frankie, so Frankie might be safe. Caleb will probably nominate girls — most likely Nicole and Victoria, with Christine as a backdoor option. It would be great to see a big blindside move from him, but how likely is that?

The official nomination ceremony will be held Friday afternoon (August 29), so come back here to see what happens. The Power of Veto competition will be held Saturday — and the POV win is always key. The POV ceremony will be held Monday, giving us the final nominations. The results of this week will be announced next Thursday, and then we do another super-fast double eviction, which will hopefully give us an exciting twist.

Head back here for all the updates and head-shaking, if the usual suspects do their usual thing. Cross your fingers for Nicole to live to slay again!

UPDATE 1: The nomination ceremony will be held later today (Friday) but it looks like Caleb is going to put up Nicole and Christine. So Derrick may keep his pet Victoria safe for another week, even though Christine is a member of The Detonators alliance. Even if Nicole or Christine win POV and Vic goes up, it's more likely the original nominee will go home. Here's hoping it's Christine. I mean, here's hoping it's really Frankie or Derrick, but it's just not going to be. This season is like a clearance sale — all women must go!

UPDATE 2: Yep, Caleb officially nominated Nicole and Christine. He told his allies that Victoria would be the backdoor option if Nicole won Power of Veto, but he'd like to get rid of Victoria during the double elimination. So his plan is to evict Nicole first, then Victoria, all this coming Thursday. He wants The Bomb Squad to be the final five. But he doesn't even seem to know about The Detonators, of which he is not a member. And he apparently doesn't know that Derrick wants to keep Victoria around as his vote pet. So Victoria may still be safe, depending on who becomes HOH for the double eviction. Hopefully Nicole can save herself with POV during tomorrow's (Saturday) competition. If she's safe, would they even evict Victoria or turn on Christine? That could be fun to watch, so cross your fingers that we get to cross that bridge. If Nic doesn't win POV, she's probably going to get the Donny treatment. And then what — who will you root for? Derrick? Caleb? ... Victoria?

Big Brother 16 Week 10: Caleb HOH; Christine Won POV; Nicole, Victoria on Block; Nicole Evicted Second Time
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UPDATE 3: Christine won POV. So ... they can't say she doesn't win comps, when she needs to! But in all other respects, this sucks. Now what? Will Victoria go up and Nicole go out? We can still pray that "they" (HOH Caleb, but really Derrick) use this opportunity to go for a bigger target, like Frankie. But Nicole is most likely following Donny out the door. Dang it, world! If Nicole does go back to jury, most of the cameras in the BB house should follow her. The competing HGs are too boring — let's follow The Jury Show with Donny, Zach, Nicole, Hayden and Jocasta. Just return to the BB house for the finale, when Derrick wins.

UPDATE 4: On Sunday afternoon, Caleb and Derrick had a talk about potentially backdooring Frankie. Caleb made strong arguments in its favor — put the *social media mogul* up against Nicole and send him home right away, before he can win more comps. Nicole, sadly, has proven she's not quite as good in various challenges as someone like Frankie, who could easily win the next HOH and do to Caleb what he did to Zach. Derrick, on the other hand, is subtly but most assuredly nudging Caleb toward making sure Nicole leaves this week. Derrick doesn't think Frankie will come after Caleb, or at least that's what he's selling. He's also playing the gender card, saying if they send Frankie home instead of Nicole, it will leave three girls vs. two guys in the double HOH comp. (Caleb would not be eligible to play.) As if Victoria and Christine would ever be on the same side. What Derrick is NOT saying is that Nicole is the one person in the house who recognizes Derrick's power, so she is a major threat to his Copfather dynasty. Caleb even said he believes he personally can beat Derrick in the end. He's not sure that he could beat Cody in the final two, but he wouldn't be upset to sit next to him anyway. That Derrick can keep a straight face in discussions like that is to his credit, but it's hard to root for him to keep steamrolling a house filled with people who just don't get it. If Caleb does put up Frankie to be backdoored, maybe there's some actual game to be played with this group. If not, it's just Derrick as Boston Rob, guiding his zombies in whatever direction he wants. Good for Derrick, but how is that good TV for us? And what happens if Derrick does eventually get evicted, who would you even want to win?

UPDATE 5: Eek. Nicole may have picked the wrong time to make a pitch to Frankie. Also on Sunday afternoon, Nicole talked to Frankie about doing whatever he and Caleb want, as long as they put up a bigger target next to her this week. She's willing to work with them, believing "them" to be a solid two-man alliance. But oy — if only she knew Caleb was seriously considering backdooring Frankie she'd make that pitch to Caleb, not Ariana's brother. If Frankie runs this idea back to Caleb ... what will Caleb do, when his two options seem to be to target Frankie or Nicole? However, it looks like Frankie doesn't think the idea is feasible. It's in his best interest for Nicole to leave so why would he make a deal with her (unless he knew he was the other target and wanted to save himself from the block)? Caleb is probably just going to put Victoria next to Nicole and everyone will vote out Nicole, but we'll see what happens in tomorrow's (Monday) Veto meeting.

UPDATE 6: TMZ posted the video below showing a sick discussion held in the house when Big Brother gave the group liquor. Christine tells Cody not to "make love" to virgin Victoria, since she's "very feisty" and he'll be drunk, but Frankie suggests Cody and Caleb double-team the drunk girl and "take all of her virginities in one night." Frankie, Christine, Caleb, Cody and Derrick all joke about it, which is our rape culture in action. Rape jokes are hilarious, right?

UPDATE 7: After spending a good chunk of Sunday night debating whether to backdoor Frankie or evict Nicole, Caleb, Cody and Derrick settled on the easy watered-down bland vanilla decision to evict Nicole. They know Nicole has no allies in the house, they know she has Christine and Frankie as her main targets, and they know she can't win comps even when she needs to. But still — she's apparently this huge threat to them. So when Christine took herself off the block on Monday, September 1, Victoria went up in her place. It's now officially Nicole vs. Victoria and Nicole will be evicted. Once again, The Bro Squad *almost* made a big move, then decided not to. Way to keep that bar low, fellas!

UPDATE 8: Nicole was evicted, again, by another unanimous vote. Hopefully the game has a major shakeup when Julie hits the reset button or whatever. We also have that double eviction tonight...

UPDATE 9: Christine, who had stabbed Nicole in the back, followed Nic out the door. That had to be satisfying for Nic. Christine was voted out, unanimously, in the second double eviction of the season. Victoria is now the last girl in the house. Fitting for such a frat boy season. See what happens in Week 11 over here.

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