Big Brother 16 Week 11: Frankie HOH, Won POV; Cody, Victoria on Block; Rewind Button Pushed; No One Evicted
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Big Brother 16 Week 11: Frankie HOH, Won POV; Cody, Victoria on Block; Rewind Button Pushed; No One Evicted

Um, where was this "Big Brother Rewind" button when Donny Thompson and Nicole Franzel were on the block?

Only 20 days remain to Big Brother 16. This Sunday, Jeff and Jordan will return with a "surprise" announcement that probably won’t be a surprise to anyone since fans have been expecting it for years. That's right: Jeff popped the question and Jordan said yes!

So that's good news, but what about the final five action in the BB16 house? Julie Chen explained the rewind button twist at the end of the Thursday, September 4 live show and it smells like a set-up that’s set up to help people who don’t deserve to be helped. (See below for updates — we may have to change our minds about this twist!)

Nicole was evicted (for a second time) on September 4, and Christine Brecht was pissed (and boooooooed - yikes) as she followed Nic out the door in the second double eviction of the season. The Week 11 Head of Household competition didn’t even start by the end of the live show, but Julie did take the time to explain the new BB16 twist. It’s called The Big Brother Rewind. “If that button is pushed in the next coming days, then next week’s live vote will stop live on the air, the two nominees will immediately come off the block, the game will rewind, and the entire week will be replayed.” So this week’s nominees could go from being on the block to being Head of Household.

Big Brother 16 Week 11: Frankie HOH, Won POV; Cody, Victoria on Block; Rewind Button Pushed; No One Evicted
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This smells like a plot to save either Frankie Grande or possibly even Derrick Levasseur, in case one does not win HOH or POV. They are "Team America" (although not really - no one is TA without Donny) and both seem like … favorites … to win. Derrick has not been on the block even one time this season, but maybe they’re worried about losing the one person left in the house who would be a satisfying winner? Or maybe they're just trying very hard to get The Detonators/Bomb Squad to turn on each other. But since now is the time they have to do that anyway, what's the point?

Why they couldn’t drag this button out of storage when there were more decent people in the house is a mystery. Everyone left is part of the frat-house — even Vic, who is their token sorority princess. If that button brought more jury members into the house, maybe it would be interesting. But at this point - yawn.

So who will be evicted on Thursday, September 11, following Joey, Paola, Devin, Brittany, Amber, Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole, Zach, Donny, Nicole again, and Christine?

If Frankie does not win HOH he is a lock to be targeted next, even over Victoria, who will go on the block to be the floater-pawn-in-residence, as usual. Stay tuned for updates from the Week 11 HOH comp, which will give us a good idea of who will be nominated (Victoria + Someone, possibly Frankie, possibly Caleb — unless Victoria wins HOH, which would be AWESOME ... but not if the button ruins it). What do you want to happen this week? Do you hope the button gets pushed to save any HGs in particular, or do you not really care?

UPDATE 1: Stop the presses! This changes everything. Frankie won HOH. Again. You have to give him credit for one thing — he's a beast in comps. He just won the double eviction POV and now he's HOH. He'll probably put up Victoria and Cody. BUT here's where it gets interesting: The Houseguests elected to push the rewind button. They don't know what it will do yet, but they pressed it. Derrick didn't want to, but Frankie did. Ooooh, he's going to regret that — like we regret dissing this twist. It's not so bad after all. So it sounds like next week (Wednesday, not Thursday), during the vote, whoever is nominated at that point will come off the block and they'll do the whole thing over again. Frankie could end up on the block after all. Stay tuned for his nominations, even if they end up being safe this week. There's no guarantee that the whole thing won't just repeat itself. Frankie could win again, or they could just target Victoria again, etc. But at least something is happening!

UPDATE 2: On Friday, September 5, Jeff and Jordan came into the BB16 house and he (finally) proposed! We'll see the proposal on Sunday's show.

UPDATE 3: Later on Friday, HOH Frankie made his nominations official: Victoria and Cody are on the block. Now we have to see what happens in Saturday's Power of Veto competition. This will all be reset on Wednesday when they "rewind" the week, but if they just redo the same comps, the same people could win.

UPDATE 4: The Power of Veto comp, Freak Show, was held late Saturday night. Frankie won POV — and he'll lose it on Wednesday, thanks to the rewind button. Still, this gurl is on fire. He may not truly be a *social media mogul*, but he's fast becoming a BB comp mogul. Anyway, Frankie's HOH nominations will most likely stay the same. Victoria will probably stay the target, but if they do try to make a move against Cody they may show their cards and it could come back to bite them in the rewind. That might be fun to watch. Otherwise, we may be looking at a few wasted days. Julie clarified that everyone except Derrick will be able to compete in the rewind HOH, since that's how it worked last Thursday, with Derrick as the outgoing double eviction HOH. So Frankie could win both Week 11 HOH and POV again. But if he loses both, imagine the fit he'll pitch! Julie didn't clarify if they would have the HGs do versions of the same comps. If they do go that route, it could test who paid the closest attention, who learned from his or her mistakes, etc. Also, the Team America mission is to keep everyone up until 6 a.m. by saying there's a rodent in the house. So it may be a long night for the HGs. (Mini update: The mission was deemed a success; so Frankie and Derrick just picked up another $5,000 each.)

UPDATE 5: The POV meeting is usually on Monday but they had it on Sunday since the TV schedule is changing. Frankie kept his nominations the same, so it will be Victoria vs. Cody on Wednesday. But it may not STAY Victoria vs. Cody, thanks to the rewind button. The HGs realize the schedule change means something, and they are pairing that with the rewind button countdown leading to Wednesday. They're starting to piece together that there will probably be a live show on Wednesday, not Thursday, with the rewind button playing a part. Frankie is so going to regret that he was the one pushing hardest to hit the button. Ah, irony. Don't forget that the JeJo proposal will air tonight, but there will also be shows on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, not Wed and Thu.

UPDATE 6: They may be getting desperate for action in the house, since BB decided to bring in a dog for the day. Izzy the dog joined the HGs in the house just for today (Tuesday). Here she is pushing the rewind button, and taking a nap with Derrick. She's cute! Speaking of Derrick, though, he came up with a self-described "brilliant move" involving Victoria (his other pet) to try and trick Frankie into bringing Derrick to the end. Both D and V assume Victoria is leaving this week (they don't know what the rewind button does) so Vic is going to pretend she's mad at Derrick for voting her out. The idea seems to be that Frankie will assume that D won't get enough votes in the end, so if Frankie ends up in the final 3 and has to choose between Derrick and someone else, Frankie will choose Derrick. If Vic ends up staying this week — because they do know the button will do something on Wednesday — they said they'd just pretend they made up from their fight. They may have to go that route if the game changes and Frankie isn't HOH again in the rewind. If that's the case, they'll probably just try to get rid of Frankie (again). It's sad that Victoria has shown more interest in helping Derrick win than doing a single thing for her own game, and *painful* that she thinks being the last girl standing makes her some kind of amazing player ... but ... at least she can cry when The Copfather needs her to.

UPDATE 7: Don't forget that the Wednesday show is the live show this week; no Thursday show. Because BB realizes there's little incentive left to watch the people in the house, they're going to show jury house footage tonight (September 10), and Dan Gheesling is going to drop by. Dan has been tweeting his thoughts about this season; like many viewers, he's bored most impressed with Derrick's gameplay, but he did add this note back on Sept. 3: "I want Derrick to win but every Winner has to go through adversity at some point...his hasn't happened yet & later is more difficult."

Week 8: Here we go again! The final five are re-doing the comps they did this week. We hoped they would do them all in one night like a double eviction ep, but nope. This is going to take a few days. Follow the Week 11/12 rewind action here. And don't forget there's are eviction episodes next Tuesday and Wednesday, so we get down to the final three by next week.

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