Big Brother 16 Week 6: Nicole HOH; Zach, Jocasta on Block; Jocasta Evicted
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Big Brother 16 Week 6: Nicole HOH; Zach, Jocasta on Block; Jocasta Evicted

Who will be the sixth and seventh houseguests evicted from Big Brother 16, following poor Joey Van Pelt, Paola Shea, Devin Shepherd, Brittany Martinez, and Amber Borzotra? (See below for updates. Short answer: Jocasta Odom and Hayden Voss)

The trend has been for girls to go home, but we’ll have to see what happens in Week 6. There's a double eviction next Thursday, August 7, so that could make things extra interesting, depending on who ends up in power.

The Week 6 Head of Household competition was called “Getting Loopy,” quizzing the eligible houseguests (not Frankie Grande) on “true” or “false” questions based on video loops from past comps.

The live show (Thursday, July 31) ended with a five-way tie between Zach Rance, Nicole Franzel, Caleb Reynolds, Donny Thompson and Hayden Voss.

Big Brother 16 Week 6: Nicole HOH; Zach, Jocasta on Block; Jocasta Evicted
Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.    

Shortly after the show ended, it was revealed that Donny and Nicole won HOH. WOO HOO! That's what you get for calling her a Fruit Loop Dingus, Zach!

So Zach Attack's butt may be on the block this week, unless they save him for a backdoor move. Then again, Zach is such a hot mess, they may not see him as a legit threat. (But he did tell Nicole she could put him up, making it seem like a return of her favor, to help him get the trip to Germany, but it's really a way for him to save himself — either in the Battle of the Block or in the POV comp.)

Hopefully Donny can stay safe, even if he is eventually dethroned.

Who will go up this week? Will Jocasta and Victoria finally get a break from the block, or will Nicole put them up anyway, since it's the best chance to stay HOH? Nicole seems to want to play her own game, but she's easily manipulated (especially by Frankie, who is still close to Nicole's BFF, Christine.) Hayden is close to both Nicole and Donny, so he'll be influential. Do you think maybe Caleb and Zach could be most in danger this week, if Donny is safe?

It would be nice if someone would dare put up Frankie and/or Derrick, since they seem to be the ones who are truly running the house.

Nicole actually talked to Derrick, after the live show on Thursday, saying she might want to backdoor Frankie. Derrick told her he'd be fine with that, but Derrick is in two alliances with Frankie (The Detonators, Team America), so he'll probably spill those beans to the rest of the group ASAP.

Hayden told Nicole that she should nominate Jocasta and Zach, with Jocasta leaving unless Zach does something stupid. If PoV is used, Hayden said Frankie can go. Can you imagine Jocasta leaving on a week with Donny and Nicole as HOHs? What a waste.

Big Brother 16 Week 6: Nicole HOH; Zach, Jocasta on Block; Jocasta Evicted
Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.    

What do you want to happen?

Come back tomorrow (Friday, August 1) for updates on their nominations, and then later on for the Battle of the Block Results, who wins Power of Veto, if the POV is used, and the final nominations.

UPDATE 1: There was a lot of nomination talk Thursday night, and it looks like Donny plans to put up Caleb and Victoria, and Nicole may put up Jocasta and Zach, with the plan to backdoor Frankie. Please let it happen! Frankie has proven himself to be a fantastic gamer, but he's also incredibly fake (they don't call him "Fakie" for nothing) and he, Caleb and Zach are stealing all of the Diary Room time. Someone else needs to finally be seen on screen, but that will probably only happen once Frankie leaves, so they can stop giving him such a huge edit. Anyway, the nominations will be confirmed (or changed) at the ceremony, which will be held later today (Friday).

UPDATE 2: It's official: Nicole has nominated Zach and Jocasta, and Donny put up Caleb and Victoria. Zach is already getting in Nicole's face, but she is fighting back, bless her. Derrick and Cody want Caleb and Victoria to win, to dethrone Donny. Nicole still seems to hope to backdoor Frankie, but stay tuned for what happens in the Battle of the Block competition!

UPDATE 3: The Battle of the Block was held Friday, and Caleb and Victoria won. (Although it sounds like Caleb has to shave his head in some kind of punishment. Haha.) So Donny has been dethroned and we have our first female HOH of the season: Nicole. Zach and Jocasta are still on the block. Poor Jocasta. Always on the block. But is this the end for the Zach Attack? Let's see if Nicole's original Frankie backdoor plan pans out. It would be frustrating if Jocasta left at this point, when Nicole has some potentially big moves available, depending on who wins POV. Zach could go, Frankie could go ... or if the majority alliances gets in her head, they could push to backdoor Donny, which is what Frankie wanted to do after Donny declined the Team America challenge in Week 5. Would she go for that? The Power of Veto competition should be held tomorrow (Saturday, August 2), and that will tell us a lot about the first of Thursday's two double evictions.

UPDATE 4: Nicole, Zach, Jocasta, Christine, Victoria, and Caleb played in the POV comp, which Frankie hosted. Christine won POV. At this point, she doesn't plan to use it. So the nominations would stay Zach vs. Jocasta. But we'll have to wait for Monday's POV ceremony to confirm. She wants Zach to stay. Or maybe she doesn't. It's hard to trust Christine, since she tells everyone a different story. Jocasta could potentially leave, which is truly a waste of a perfectly good HOH. Of course, all the Zankie fans online are cheering, because if the noms stay the same, Frankie won't be backdoored and Zach *might* be safe, so the producers can continue to act like those two are the only people in the house worth following. Poor Jocasta isn't exactly a challenge beast, but thankfully she has yet to kill herself, as suggested by Frankie. By the way, Nicole is no longer friends with Christine. Christine told her a rumor about Hayden kissing Victoria, blaming the rumor on Zach, and Nicole is now ready to put up Christine. But she wants to get rid of Frankie even more than Christine. And she might go back to being friends with Christine in a minute or two. Still, the house may be leaning toward Zach going home at this point.

UPDATE 5: It's now Monday and they just had the Veto ceremony. As expected, Christine did not use the POV. The nominations remain the same, so either Jocasta or Zach will be going home. No backdooring Frankie. This time. It actually sounds like Zach will be the one to go home, although there's still a lot of time left before Thursday's live show (where someone else will be the second of the two eliminations). But Zankie may have an expiration date of August 7. If Zach leaves under Nicole's watch, it would be good karma for the Fruit Loop Dingus thing.

UPDATE 6: It's now Wednesday and it looks like even Frankie has turned against Zach, saying (but not to Zach) that this is Zach's own doing with his crazy antics. However, at this point, Zach does not seem to be aware that he is probably going home. He may be blindsided. Hey, he does love drama, so he should appreciate the good TV of it all. If he is blindsided, we might get a good speech on the way out the door. At the very least, his exit interview with Julie Chen should be good. Frankie and Christine may be following Zach out the door, since they are both high on the radar for their lies and manipulation. Christine really overdid it this week, and Frankie was already a target for his sneaky (but smart) gameplay. Will one of them be the second to go in the double elimination?

UPDATE 7: Well, well, well. They say you should expect the unexpected, so maybe this should've been expected: Zach now appears to be safe. Why? Caleb, who shouldn't even have any clout in the house, went around trying to convince people that Zach was a number for their side, and Nicole/Hayden were pushing to dump Zach because Jocasta is a number for their side. He managed to convince everyone (probably with some help from production, who has been calling Derrick into the DR). Even Frankie, who was trashing Zach up until almost the last minute, is back on board, so now they are lying to Hayden/Nicole/Donny and plan to blindside poor Jocasta. Zach slept through all the negotiations, but Christine showed up to do her share of lying. This group... So Zach will live to terrorize again. And Hayden/Donny/Nicole are the group's next targets.

UPDATE 8: Yep, Jocasta was evicted, with six votes to leave. Donny and Hayden voted to evict Zach. They (and Nicole) must be so upset.

UPDATE 9: Oh yes, Nicole was upset. But she's currently slaying in the house, which is awesome, even if no one seems to care about the truth she drops. Caleb won the double eviction HOH. He put up Hayden and Donny, but Donny saved himself with POV. Nicole went up, but Hayden went out. Nicole is now on the warpath, but we'll have to see if it lasts. Follow all the Week 7 drama here.

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